Los casos de COVID-19 están aumentando en el norte de Utah a medida que comienza el año escolar.


COVID-19 cases are rising in Northern Utah as the school year begins.

Paola Johnson is a Logan mother of two elementary students. As school resumes, she is trying to take precautions to keep her family safe. 

A woman dressed in blue PPE wearing a mask and a face shield takes a COVID-19 test from a person in a vehicle at a drive up testing site.

I’m Kerry Bringhurst welcoming Utah State University President Noelle Cockett for our conversation about what is happening with students regarding COVID-19.

Educators: Governor's COVID Order Puts Utah Teachers at Risk

Nov 11, 2020
A man looking at a computer screen with the faces of many people, as if they are all on a video call.
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Utah leaders have declared a public health emergency in the wake of rising COVID-19 rates, but the state's public school teachers say they've been left out of the plan.