Critical Race Theory

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Utah lawmakers say they'll try again to abolish capital punishment, while a county prosecutor says he's already done pursuing the death penalty. Developers want to 'fix' Utah Lake by building massive islands on it — but experts say the project would do more harm than good. And in a newly-surfaced video, Senate President Stuart Adams says Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell needs 'educating' on Critical Race Theory. 

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Quoting the Salt Lake Tribune: “In response to the uproar over critical race theory, the Utah Board of Education has approved a new set of standards that spell out what teachers can — and especially what they cannot — say to their students about ethnicity, inclusion, equity and culture.” The Utah Legislature has also passed resolutions on the topic. Today we’ll try to define what Critical Race Theory is and isn’t and talk about what should and shouldn’t be taught in Utah’s K-12 schools. 

The United States Department of Education announced a reversal of previous plans to require teaching of critical race theory and the 1619 Project for schools to be eligible for certain government grants after receiving pressure from many Americans, including Republican Sen. Mike Lee.

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Civics and history education are lacking in Idaho, according to a new report.

Last week, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell appeared in a GQ Magazine story detailing how the NBA’s Social Justice Coalition has been working to start making an impact in Washington, D.C.

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There is a lot of concern about the idea of teaching critical race theory in schools and how it could impact students. Last month, Utah’s State Legislature passed a resolution making recommendations to the Utah State Board of Education about critical race theory. But what is it and is it being taught in Utah?

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Almost one year ago in the midst of a global pandemic, we watched the death of George Floyd. Americans responded, protesting the realities of racial injustice in cities across the country. For many individuals, this may have been the first time they recognized the depth and breadth of discrimination in the United States, in their communities, and in their classrooms.

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Idaho lawmakers are among the first in the country to attempt to ban critical race theory in public schools.