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Days before being sworn in as Utah's newest senator, Mitt Romney 

Governor Gary Herbert comments on DUI and abortion bills.

Gov. Gary Herbert says Utah's strict new DUI threshold is here to stay.Herbert said at a press conference Thursday that while there may be some tweaks to the 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit taking effect Dec. 30, it won't be repealed or delayed.

Guns and alcohol; supposedly a deadly combination, but according to Republican Rep. Norm Thurston, someone who has been drinking has the right to defend themselves wtih a firearm.

A lawmaker who led Utah's adoption of the strictest DUI threshold in the country says he wants to change the law to allow someone to fire a gun in self-defense even if their blood alcohol level is above the new 0.05 limit.

Republican Rep. Norm Thurston says even if someone's been drinking, they have a right to defend themselves.


A Utah Bureau of Investigation officer has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

He is accused of driving drunk in his unmarked patrol car while heading to a training session.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office arrested 35-year-old Jason James Whitehead following the incident.

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While the debate surrounding Utah’s newly lowered legal DUI limit has focused around factual basis and tourism concerns, those who will enforce it are focused on something else: how to enforce a legal limit that field sobriety tests may not be able to detect.