Shaking In The Valley?

Mar 20, 2020
University of Utah Seismographic Station Network

Residents throughout Utah were shaken out of their sleep by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake near Magna earlier this week. Feeling the shake in Cache Valley surprised and alarmed many northern Utah residents. Is northern Utah susceptible to a similar earthquake? 

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magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits Utah. Rep. Ben McAdams tests positive for the coronavirus. And statewide efforts aim to slow a pandemic. 

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No one can predict when, where, and how big the next earthquake might be, but earthquake-prone places like California and Japan have installed systems that can warn of ground-shaking a few seconds in advance.  These systems, known as “earthquake early warning systems,” exploit the different waves produced by earthquakes.

Rocky Mountain Power crews are working to restore power to residents along the Wasatch Front following a Wednesday morning earthquake.  At the time of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake, approximately 73,000 customers were without power.  Logan City public works officials say the power outage did not affect residents there.

Probability of Larger Earthquake on Wednesday Low

Mar 18, 2020

Following the earthquake and aftershocks this morning, rumors began to spread that a magnitude 9 earthquake was predicted for later in the day. According to Utah Emergency  Management, this rumor is not true.


A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Magna early Wednesday morning, the state’s largest earthquake in nearlythree decades.  Now Utah residents need to be prepared for aftershocks. 

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Last week, the 3.9 earthquake centered near Tremonton came as a big surprise to Box Elder County geologists - caused by one of many unknown faults in northern Utah.

Fault lines visible from sky


In a recent study, researchers from Utah State University uncovered some truths about the southern tip of the San Andreas fault in California. The well-known fault stretches over 700 miles and marks the meeting of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates.

Wayne County, Utah.

A moderate earthquake in southwest Utah rattled part of Wayne County but no damage or injuries were reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude 3.5 temblor struck at 2:26 p.m. Tuesday about 30 miles south of Interstate 70 near Loa on the west edge of Capitol Reef National Park.

Utah Researchers Diagnose Man-made Earthquakes

Jan 9, 2017

Around 700 earthquakes shake Utah each year, although only about a dozen are big enough to be felt. Most are natural, but humans can cause earthquakes, too. Recently, in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, earthquake frequencies have increased around deep-well injection sites, where millions of gallons hydraulic fracturing fluid is pumped deep into the Earth’s crust.