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Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common in Utah, especially around Salt Lake City. However, Utah has very few electric chargers, which causes owners of these vehicles anxiety about running out of energy in the middle of driving. Adding chargers across Utah will help alleviate this common anxiety among electric vehicle owners.

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As the Biden administration and Congress continue to wrangle over the size and scope of a federal infrastructure package, a new report showed how investing $274 billion to electrify the nation's transportation system, including electric school busses, 18-wheelers, charging stations and more, would yield a five-fold return for the overall economy.

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We’re going to start with a petrol-powered Q3 Audi loaned us. It’s their smallest SUV. Fun to whip through a canyon road like in Logan, lots of tech inside, and it can climb up a steep loose dirt trail like in Hyde Park Canyon. Pretty amazing with its street tires. 

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For decades, the state has collected taxes on gas to maintain roads and highways, as well as funding new construction, but with the rise of electric vehicles and vehicles with better fuel mileage, fewer tax dollars are going toward these projects, even though people are driving more miles than ever before. 


  USU Marketing Professor Edwin Stafford and his family have been early adopters of various forms of green technology. They have solar panels and a ground sourced energy system, for example. The next step, they decided, was the purchase of a Tesla electric vehicle as the new family car. Professor Stafford recounts some of their experiences in his article “Bridging the Chasm: An Early Adopter’s Perspectives on how Electric Vehicles Can Go Mainstream,” to be published in June in Sustainability: The Journal of Record.   




Many of the problems about owning an electric vehicle deals with charging-station locations and the charge time. Utah isn’t leading the country in EV ownership, but it is growing. There’s approximately 2,100 registered EV’s in Utah.