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With Thanksgiving a week away, Governor Herbert provided updated guidelines for holiday gatherings this week


Louisiana has been hit by several severe storms this year and many people from around the country have flown there to help clean up damages, including the Utah State Center for Community Engagement.

While some families are deciding whether or not their children are safe trick-or-treating, other families with children may not be able to leave their homes due to COVID-19 quarintenes. One rural Utah women is bringing a little Halloween fun to kids who can’t go out and celebrate.  


Utahns are already casting their ballots but people with disabilities are facing challenges casting their vote. 

Eliza Hardy



Outside of Kingsbury Hall, the location of Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, many groups of demonstrators gathered-- including a group of elderly Biden supporters who are frustrated with what they view as Trump supporters disregarding their safety. 

New Study Looks At Rural West Covid-19 Trends

Oct 8, 2020



Although the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the United States as a whole, not all areas face the same impact. A recent report from the Institue of Outdoor Recreation and Toursim at Utah State University entitled the "Rural West COVID Project" looks at the impact of the virus in places like Utah.

Seating for tonight’s vice presidential debate is very limited as part of the coronavirus mitigation efforts. However, there are some lucky university students who will get to attend in person, including Max Roberts from Utah State University. UPR’s Eliza Hardy spoke with him ahead of tonight's debate to see what he is looking forward to.

Since accessing standardized testing has been a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, Utah State University will not be requiring test scores for scholarship applications. Instead, officials will look at GPA and academic rigor. 


Crossroads Urban Center is an organization that provides food and clothing to people who are often homeless. Recently, they released a report on child homelessness in Utah.


Businesses are experiencing shipment delays and supply shortages, which can hurt profits. Here is a look at what one local business has been doing to adapt:

What's It Like Being Quarantined On Campus?

Sep 2, 2020


Students at four residence halls on the campus of Utah State University are quarantined in their dorms. Here is a look at what it is like for two freshman students.


Students are beginning to return to college campuses across the state. At Utah State University administrators are balancing plans for both student safety and social life.



Citing COVID-19, the EPA suspended monitoring, reporting and enforcement of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act in Utah and elsewhere. Jared Margolis with the Center for Biological Diversity said this change has led hundreds of companies to apply for pandemic pollution waivers.

Idaho AARP Working To Protect Older Voters

Aug 7, 2020

AARP is encouraging older Americans to get ready to vote this November. AARP Idaho has launched its "Protect Voters 50-Plus" campaign, to educate people about what they need to do to have their voices heard in this election.


School is beginning and while many students will be attending in-person classes, online education will still play a large role in their learning this fall. Some educators and parents worry about how this could increase inequity between students.


Many Latter-day Saint missionaries from around the world have returned home and others are adapting to virtual missionary work as the pandemic has led to major changes in the missionary program for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


It’s almost back to school time and with the pandemic, people have lots of safety concerns.


Friday is Pioneer Day in Utah and in honor of the celebration, Donald Trump Jr. spoke with members of the Utah media on behalf of his father’s presidential campaign on Thursday.



As plans are announced for how school will look this fall, local teachers worry about keeping their students safe and connecting with their students.



Theaters all across the nation have had to shut their doors due to pandemic. The Utah Shakespeare Festival has created a virtual seminar which helps maintain some connection between artists and audience members during this time.


Since coronavirus restrictions began in March, Janice Boes, the owner of Pierpont Place & Premier Events in Salt Lake has been doing a lot of canceling. 


All across the country theaters have been forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic. In Perry, the Heritage Theatre is holding a yard sale on Friday and Saturday as part of an effort to offset the loss of ticket sales and pay for building expenses.


U.S. Census workers will start in-person visits to households that have not yet responded to the 2020 census. The first phase begins in six locations across the country. They include cities in Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington.

Utah Gov. Will Not Issue Mask Mandate

Jul 14, 2020



As coronavirus cases in Utah continue to rise,  Governor Herbert pleads with Utahns to wear masks and social distance.  However Governor Herbert has decided to not make masks mandatory.


It is estimated  around 416,000 American soldiers lost their lives fighting in World War II. Around 2,000 of these soldiers were Utahn’s. Milne’s Stories Behind The Stars project is recovering these lost stories.


The artistic team for Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Theater Company has been using their costuming talents to make masks. Throughout the pandemic, they have donated masks to various places and are now selling them to keep staff employed.


Over nearly four decades, the Cache Valley Cruise-In has grown to be one of the largest car shows in the state. This year, almost all of the event has been canceled because of coronavirus, except for the parade down Logan’s Main Street.


All across the nation prisons and jails have become high risks for coronavirus outbreaks.  The lack of space makes it harder to create social distancing between inmates. Despite this, Utah’s prisons have been able to keep their numbers low. 

Finding Love From A Safe, Social Distance

Jun 29, 2020

Since March, multiple dating apps have reported significant increases in use. Cooper Boice is the owner of the dating app Mutual, which is targeted to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


“This would have been our 36th year I believe. And a lot of artists make their living going to all these summer festivals. And so these artists are not bringing in any income. They're suffering because of the inability to reach their audiences,” said Elanie Thatcher, the executive director of Logan’s Summerfest.