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In a Facebook town hall on Tuesday night, Gov. Spencer Cox said he is happy with the low COVID-19 case counts. He said hospitalizations and deaths have almost disappeared completely. 

New Funding Could Be Key To Wildlife Migration Programs

Mar 23, 2021

Wildlife migrations are a part of the American West's lore and history, but many of those centuries-old passages are now obstructed by modern civilization.

Some Cache Valley residents are concerned about how plans to build a 300-unit apartment complex on the valley's westside could impact the Logan River’s floodplain. Logan city and school board officials, on the other hand, are hoping the project may ease growing pains and strengthen the community.

S.B. 195 was one of the measures state legislators took during the legislative session to limit the power of the governor during a drawn out emergency like a pandemic. In a town hall on Thursday, some Cache Valley lawmakers shared how they believe this impacted the end date set for the state’s mask mandate.


On Monday, members of Utah’s disability community gathered virtually to remember victims of filicide, which is when a disabled person is murdered by their relatives or caretakers, regardless of intent.  

H.B. 338 would allow 16- and 17-year-old students  to vote in local school board elections. It was developed by Arundhati Oommen, a junior at West Valley High School who serves as the student representative on the Salt Lake City School Board.

Efforts by the Biden administration to address climate change by temporarily banning new leasing on oil and gas drilling is concerning for many Utah communities that rely on these jobs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was accompanied by state emergency orders that were longer than any in the state’s history, which created tension between former Governor Gary Herbert and state legislators. Now, Utah’s lawmakers are running a bill to place limits on the governor’s powers in a public health emergency

Government regulations and sexual health were hot topics at Thursday's legislative town hall. While many Cache County lawmakers expressed support for H.B. 92 during the meeting, the bill failed to pass out of committee on Friday and was sent back to the rules commitee.

Simpson's Historic Plan Includes Key Water Quality Tools

Feb 17, 2021

A $33 billion infrastructure plan for the Northwest developed by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, continues to shake up the region.


As of Wednesday, 325,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the State of Utah. At their weekly town hall on Thursday, Cache County lawmakers provided some updates the vaccination situation for their area.

Eliza Hardy


After a Logan family’s Black Lives Matter sign was recently set on fire, an anti-racism vigil was held at the Cache County Courthouse this weekend.


As always, education is a hot-topic during Utah’s legislative session. Cache County lawmakers discussed in their weekly town hall some of the ways the pandemic is adding to the conversation. 


Salt Lake City school teacher, John Arthur, is one of four finalists for national teacher of the year. Arthur, who teachers at Meadowlark Elementary School, said during his first year of teaching, his sixth grade students really wanted to make a Youtube video. 


To better understand how Utah women have been impacted by the pandemic, Susan Madsen, director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project at Utah State University is leading a comprehensive study.

Utah Capitol Building at dusk


After the riots at the U.S. Capitol last week and protests in other states across the nation including Utah, there are reports that more demonstrations may occur this weekend. The state highway patrol is actively preparing for potential demonstrations as the inauguration approaches. 


Although skiing is an outdoor activity, ski resorts are still taking steps to help keep guests a little safer during the pandemic.

TV Special, Fireworks To Celebrate Utah Statehood

Jan 4, 2021

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Utah’s statehood on Monday, the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts is hosting an evening TV special, followed by fireworks across the state. 

Food Bank 'Leans In' To Meet Growing Demand Across WY

Dec 2, 2020

Food banks in Wyoming and across the nation are seeing unprecedented demand in the wake of economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.


With Thanksgiving a week away, Governor Herbert provided updated guidelines for holiday gatherings this week


Louisiana has been hit by several severe storms this year and many people from around the country have flown there to help clean up damages, including the Utah State Center for Community Engagement.

While some families are deciding whether or not their children are safe trick-or-treating, other families with children may not be able to leave their homes due to COVID-19 quarintenes. One rural Utah women is bringing a little Halloween fun to kids who can’t go out and celebrate.  


Utahns are already casting their ballots but people with disabilities are facing challenges casting their vote. 

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Outside of Kingsbury Hall, the location of Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, many groups of demonstrators gathered-- including a group of elderly Biden supporters who are frustrated with what they view as Trump supporters disregarding their safety. 

New Study Looks At Rural West Covid-19 Trends

Oct 8, 2020



Although the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the United States as a whole, not all areas face the same impact. A recent report from the Institue of Outdoor Recreation and Toursim at Utah State University entitled the "Rural West COVID Project" looks at the impact of the virus in places like Utah.

Seating for tonight’s vice presidential debate is very limited as part of the coronavirus mitigation efforts. However, there are some lucky university students who will get to attend in person, including Max Roberts from Utah State University. UPR’s Eliza Hardy spoke with him ahead of tonight's debate to see what he is looking forward to.

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Since accessing standardized testing has been a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, Utah State University will not be requiring test scores for scholarship applications. Instead, officials will look at GPA and academic rigor. 


Crossroads Urban Center is an organization that provides food and clothing to people who are often homeless. Recently, they released a report on child homelessness in Utah.


Businesses are experiencing shipment delays and supply shortages, which can hurt profits. Here is a look at what one local business has been doing to adapt:

What's It Like Being Quarantined On Campus?

Sep 2, 2020


Students at four residence halls on the campus of Utah State University are quarantined in their dorms. Here is a look at what it is like for two freshman students.