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This week on UnDisciplined, we're talking about the way newspapers impact the way people think, and the ways pollution impacts solar energy.

If those things sound like they have nothing in common — well, that's the idea.

Joining us are Alex Coppock, who studies how op-eds impact reader opinions, and Ian Marius Peters, who studies the impact of haze on energy production.

Smith and Garrett successfully transplanted a type IV CRISPR immune system into E. coli.
Mary-Ann Muffoletto/USU College of Science.

In the Jackson lab at Utah State University, mixers whirr, protein purification machines beep, and shakers jiggle, all with one goal: isolating and describing the bacterial immune systems known as CRISPR.

North Logan Pumpkin Toss Was A Smash

Oct 31, 2016
Carolyn Peacock

Northern Utah has a beautiful fall season.  Gentle breezes rustle the fallen leaves that gild the tranquil portrait of Cache Valley with deep reds and bright yellows.  Last Saturday began as another quiet study of autumnal repose, but then volleys of screeching pumpkins rained down from the sky like hellfire.

Christmas came early this year for participants of a non-profit outdoor adventures organization that provides persons with disabilities with adaptive equipment.