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ID Health-Care Advocates To Gov Little: Funds Available For Medicaid

Jan 12, 2021
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To kick off the Idaho legislative session, Gov. Brad Little gave his 2021 State of the State and Budget address on Monday. The coalition Close the Gap Idaho says the governor's budget doesn't do enough to protect health care.

Summer Protests In Boise Mirror U.S Capitol Breaching

Jan 8, 2021
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Scenes of supporters of President Donald Trump breaking windows and breaching the U.S. Capitol shocked the nation this week - and were reminiscent of protests in Boise last summer.

Federal Grant Helps Idaho Make Strides In Early Childhood Education Programs

Jan 7, 2021
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Idaho's early childhood education and school-readiness efforts are getting a big boost from a federal grant.

Report: Idaho Families 'Left On Their Own' During Pandemic

Dec 22, 2020
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As in the rest of the country, families in Idaho are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows 11% of Idaho families don't have enough to eat and 13% aren't confident they'll be able to pay the rent or mortgage on time.

Proposed Emergency Plan Exemption for New Nuclear Designs Raises Concerns

Jul 15, 2020
A nuclear laboratory
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A proposal from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission exempting emergency planning for new nuclear plant designs is raising alarms.

Idaho's New Distracted Driving Law: How Effective Are These Measures?

Jul 8, 2020
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As of this month, Idaho is now enforcing its new distracted driving law.

Despite tougher measures across the U.S., researchers said there's still a lot they don't know about reducing cell phone use behind the wheel.

Judge Keeps ID Tax Initiative Alive; State Attempts to Block Ruling

Jul 6, 2020
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Supporters of an initiative to tax corporations and wealthy Idahoans in order to fund education will begin to collect signatures again next week.

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After a rash of mass shootings, physicians across the country are stepping up their efforts to combat gun violence. 

The American College of Physicians, the country's largest medical specialty organization, says the failure to enact meaningful gun control legislation undermines the country and its health care system's foundational values. 

Will Tax Cuts Leave Big Idaho Families In The Lurch?

Feb 12, 2018
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According to the nonpartisan Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy's analysis of the House bill passed last week, families that fall in the top 5 percent of earners, with three or more children will see a decrease in taxes. However, middle-class families will actually see an increase in their taxes.

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Idaho lawmakers are holding public hearings Thursday and Friday on proposed science standards for Idaho public schools. 

At issue: how, or whether, those standards should address climate change. 

A last-minute deal in Congress to provide short-term funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program has done little to alleviate stress for states and parents in the New Year. 

Idaho Map Details Public Trust Lands

Jul 14, 2017

A new map from the Idaho Department of Lands shows nearly all of that state's trust lands are open for recreation.