Each fall thousands of salmon feel their internal clocks tick, and begin a perilous journey upstream to spawn. Spawning salmon look nothing like the silvery, trout-shaped fish you would catch when fishing for salmon in a reservoir.

Nicole Giampietro

The first Wild Miles virtual race began as a way for people to have something to do during the pandemic, when so many other events were being cancelled. The race enabled participants to feel like part of the Logan community while enjoying our outdoor areas, safely.

Una organización de Utah que apoya a las personas con discapacidades físicas e intelectuales se está asociando con las agencias de aplicación de la ley del norte de Utah para recaudar fondos para programas deportivos.

A Utah organization that supports individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities is partnering with Northern Utah law enforcement agencies to raise funds for sports programs.

Since coronavirus restrictions began in March, Janice Boes, the owner of Pierpont Place & Premier Events in Salt Lake has been doing a lot of canceling.