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Common canning mistakes you can make

Nov 22, 2021


  This program aired back in August 2021

Kailey Foster: It's that time of year again where people are starting to can their local produce. People choose to canned food for a variety of different reasons, but no matter the reason there is going to be some opportunities for error. Joining me today is Kathleen Riggs with USU Extension’s Home and Community department.

  Kailey Foster: Recently, the US Economic Development Administration announced that Utah State University's remote online initiative is receiving a $1.1 million Care Act recovery assistance grant as well as other recognitions. Joining me today is Paul Hill, the director of the Remote Online Initiative to talk about these recognitions, and more.  

Recently, when talking with Lacee Hemendez, she introduced the Buy Produce for Your Neighbor program that is at some farmers' markets around Utah. Joining me today is Kayla Lane, Weber County Create Better Health Ambassador, to talk more about this program.