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Utah State University was awarded a $500,000 three-year Farmers Market Promotion Program grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The grant will fund a variety of capacity-building, outre

ach, and marketing activities that will help connect more low-income and ethnically diverse populations to health local food. 

Recently appointed Commissioner of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Kerry Gibson (right), touring a hay facility in June.
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah’s new agriculture commissioner is seeking to raise awareness of the importance of farming and ranching for the state’s health and economy. 

Utah farmer fights to keep his farm from being turned into a soccer field.

A fourth-generation farmer is fighting to save his farmland from city officials in Farmington who want to buy 0.02 square miles (0.05 square kilometers) to make new soccer fields.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Alan Bangerter contends there are other parcels where soccer fields could be placed without harming "a productive farm" and is seeking to save his property as an Utah Agricultural Protection Area.

Utah Works: Farming Has Changed Dramatically in My Time

Oct 11, 2017
Tom Williams

At age 81 and still farming,  Delyle Carling looks back.

Most people today wouldn’t even consider taking a caveman approach to gathering food, but harvesting wild resources is how our early ancestors nourished themselves. What then prompted the transition from hunting and gathering to farming? This question has been debated, but anthropologists at the University of Utah believe they have an answer.