November garden update from Dan Drost

Nov 19, 2021

One shouldn't really complain about the weather, particularly after our hot dry summer. However, due to the regular rain events that we've had here in northern Utah, my garden has just been too wet for me to do any fall work.


    This program aired in August 2021

I'm quite pleased with how my garden has dealt with the summer heat. I've been diligently watering it, I made sure to mulch the soil, and I kept an eye out for bugs and diseases.

Finishing off the 2021 gardening season

Nov 11, 2021


   This program ran back in September 2021.

Looks like we made it through the 2021 gardening season with only limited issues. I've pretty much picked all my tomatoes and the squash is also winding down.

Ways to help your garden for next spring

Oct 15, 2021

Hi, this is Dan Drost, Utah State University vegetable specialist. October is commonly the end of the gardening season in northern and central Utah. Most of the higher mountain valleys have had a few frosts and those tender vegetables that were not protected, were heavily damaged and no longer producing any fruit.

Preparing For July And August In Your Garden

Aug 3, 2021

Prepare yourself for a bit more heat in July and August, which are often Utah's hottest months. My garden made it through June quite well, and I had to do some extra hand watering to supplement the more programmed watering schedule I use.

Home Gardener Pest Management 101

Jun 25, 2021

What are some of the basic steps you can take to reduce insect and plant disease problems in your home Landscape and Garden?

Ways To Beat The Heat In Your Garden

Jun 4, 2021

June is a great month for the garden. By now, your early planting should start to come into production. I've already been harvesting lettuce and radishes, and kale. My early peas are flowering, and I should have snap peas next week- all those things look really good. 

Ask An Expert: Seven Tips For Container Gardens That Thrill, Fill And Spill

May 17, 2021

Container gardening has become popular as planting areas in the landscape have become smaller. Some containers are used to grow vegetables or specimen shrubs, while others display a beautiful splash of color. For thrilling container gardens, consider these tips.


I hope you had some time to get your cool-season vegetables into the garden in April. The weather was good, and that late rain in the month helped things move along nicely. 

Ask An Expert: May Gardening Checklist

May 3, 2021

April showers bring May flowers – as well as a multitude of gardening tasks. The Utah State University Extension Gardener’s Almanac provides a checklist for each month as well as links for tips and further information.

There is much that can be done now to get a jump start on the growing season. These tips with links from the Utah State University Extension Gardeners Almanac can help you get started.

October is kind of the end of the gardening season here in northern Utah. You may have experienced a frost in some of the higher mountain valleys. While in southern Utah things are still pretty good and you might have some time to enjoy the plants that are still there.

Tips For Planting A Late Fall Garden

Oct 2, 2020

This time of year, things are starting to mature from our late garden like beans, corn, pumpkins. It's also a good time to begin to think about planting a late fall garden. The air temperatures are cool, but the soil temperatures are warm.

As September progresses, temperatures begin to cool, and the possibility of frosty weather increases. If your garden is like mine, there's a lot of produce left in it. So pay attention to the weather.

Tips On Removing Spider Mites

Sep 15, 2020

Now that we're into the real heat of summer, and a lot of our garden veggies are really producing, one of the common pests that you tend to see this time of year is spider mites. Mites are relatives of spiders and ticks. There are many types of mites, some will harm humans and livestock, others are important in breaking down organic matter in the soil.

Timing Can Be Tricky For Spring Planting

Jun 26, 2020

Determining when to plant a garden can be especially confusing and Utah's unpredictable varied climate, or last frost days can vary by many days within just a few miles. Many experienced gardeners have planted and later lost their plants to frost.