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Governor Spencer Cox says he will allow Utah’s state of emergency for the ongoing drought to expire at the end of the month, since the legislature declined to take any action to renew it.

Days after celebrating a vaccination milestone, Gov. Spencer Cox announced that the state made a mistake when they announced that Utah had hit the 70% goal for adult vaccinations.

It appears Utahns heeded firework warnings and decided to skip on personal fireworks for this Fourth of July weekend. State officials reported no major wildfires over the long weekend and Governor Spencer Cox’s office says they are “grateful” for that.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox is asking residents to limit their water usage while also banning fireworks on state and unincorporated lands with a new executive order.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox posted a video to his Twitter Thursday, inviting all Utahns — regardless of religious affiliation — to join in a collective prayer for rain as the state’s extreme drought persists.

According to a new poll from Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics, Gov. Cox — whose biggest challenge since being elected last year has been the COVID-19 pandemic — continues to see high job approval ratings, likely because of his COVID-19 response. 

Gov. Cox, along with 18 other Republican governors, signed a joint letter to President Biden requesting for him to  control the “crisis on the southern border.”

Cox Joins Call To Roll Back Enhanced Unemployment

May 10, 2021

Gov. Spencer Cox appeared on CNN Sunday, saying paying enhanced unemployment benefits is no longer working. He told CNN State of the Union that Utah’s biggest problem currently is finding workers for unfilled jobs. 

In response to ongoing concerns about extremely dry conditions, Gov. Spencer J. Cox issued an executive on Monday order forbidding irrigation at state facilities between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., requiring that sprinklers are shut off during rainstorms and making sure landscape watering systems are operating efficiently, according to a press release sent from the governor’s office. The executive order goes into effect immediately.

In his weekly news conference Thursday, Gov. Cox said Utah is reaching a point where the supply of COVID-19 vaccines is beginning to outweigh demand. 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox is defending the Utah Jazz’s scholarship program — which gives a four-year scholarship to a minority student each time the team wins — saying it’s not racist against white students.

Addressing Social Determinants Of Health In Utah

Apr 7, 2021
Courtesy Kolby Williams/Moab Free Health Clinic

You can find the Moab Free Health Clinic between a corner store and a thrift shop on Moab’s west side of town. This unassuming building has become a mainstay for the local community. Hundreds and hundreds of uninsured and underinsured rural Utahns pass through its doors each year to access care from staff and medical volunteers. 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed H.B. 72, a controversial bill which requires every technological device sold in the state of Utah to come with pre-installed pornography filters. 

On Tuesday, Utah Governor Spencer Cox vetoed S.B. 228, a bill requiring social media corporations to provide clear information about their moderation practices to Utah users. After conversations with the legislative and executive branches, the veto was determined as the best path forward due to “technical issues,” according to a news release from the governor's office.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox issued an executive order on Thursday declaring a state of emergency due to extreme drought conditions. In Utah, one hundred percent of the state is in a moderate drought category, while 90% is in extreme drought.

H.B. 113, signed by Utah Governor Spencer Cox this week, legally requires Utah biological fathers to help pay costs associated with pregnancy and delivery if the mother requests it. 

Gov. Spencer Cox expressed his optimism about “soaring” vaccine distribution in a Tweet Tuesday, saying he believes Utahns will be able to celebrate maskless in large gatherings by the 4th of July this year.

Gov. Spencer Cox released a statement on Wednesday in response to President Biden’s executive order placing an indefinite pause on new leases for oil and gas development on federal lands.

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On Thursday night, Governor Spencer Cox delivered his first State of the State address from the capitol building.  


In anticipation of potential protests at the Utah State Capitol this weekend, Gov. Spencer Cox has declared a state of emergency. 


As health departments across the state prepare to offer the COVID vaccine to all residents over age 70, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox announced Thursday that in the past week, the state has doubled the total number of doses of the vaccine that have been distributed.