The Great Salt Lake



Federal legislation aims to save saline lakes in the West — including the Great Salt Lake. The Utah Inland Port Authority looked into a secretive rail-rehabilitation proposal that sought to transport Western-mined coal to the California coast. And a retiring food writer reflects on her four decades of newspaper work. 


Roger Lewis / US FWS

I first met the Great Salt Lake in 1964 with two CMU college buddies on our way to Los Angeles. We heard you could float in its magical waters. Sure enough it worked and we bobbed in its gentle waves, oblivious to the many other virtues of this extraordinary water body.

Aimee Van Tatenhove

As the Great Salt Lake continues to decline, not only is wildlife is being impacted around the lake, but across the region.

Urvish Prajapati


The water levels of the Great Salt Lake have dipped to troublingly low levels this August – lower than any in recorded history. But what does this mean for the people and wildlife that call Utah home? (Part 1 of 2)

Phil Dufrene

Although the Great Salt Lake has been shrinking for years, with the current drought conditions, the lake is at an all time low. How do low water levels impact hunting in the area? (Part 2 of 2)

The Great Salt Lake has once again dropped to historic lows, according to Utah’s Department of Natural Resources.

Aimee Van Tatenhove

A railroad running through the Great Salt Lake divides the body of water into a salty north arm and the fresher south arm. Water levels at the Great Salt Lake are the lowest in recorded history and as the lake dries up, both arms need protection.

Researchers from Utah State University and Iran are collaborating to help restore one of the world's largest saline lakes- Lake Urmia. 

Beehive Archive: Utah's Canary In The Coal Mine

Apr 9, 2021

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is a remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville. Today, it is the largest saline lake in the western hemisphere and keystone to the ecosystem of northern Utah. Human attempts to dominate its massive waters have radically changed its appearance and ecology. The shrinking lake is Utah’s canary in the coalmine – drying up right before our eyes as climate change begins to affect our home. 

Wild About Utah: Mirabilite Mounds At The Great Salt Lake

Feb 16, 2021
Mary Heers

Back in October 2019, the ranger at the Great Salt Lake State Park began to notice a white mound forming on the sand flats behind the visitor center. The white mounds turned out to be hydrated sodium sulfate, known as mirabilite, which was being carried to the surface by the upwelling of a fresh water spring.