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The COVID-19 vaccination may be available to healthcare workers as early as December.

State Officials Urge Caution As ICUs Continue To Fill

Nov 13, 2020
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Governor Gary Herbert reiterated the importance of Utah’s public health order in a press conference on Thursday as cases in the state continue to rise.

USU Prepares To Expand Mass Student Testing This Week

Nov 10, 2020


Under the state public health order, college and university students attending at least one in-person class are to be tested for COVID-19 each week. Utah State University is preparing to increase student testing this week.

Gov. Herbert, Gov.-Elect Cox Discuss Transition Plan

Nov 9, 2020
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After Spencer Cox was elected as the state’s new governor, he, along with running mate Deidre Henderson, and Gov. Gary Herbert outlined transition plans at a Thursday press conference.



A new study takes a deep look at what is keeping Utah women from feeling successful in their government jobs.

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Coronavirus cases in Utah continue to rise. Gov. Gary Herbert spoke to the increasing numbers and the state of hospitals and healthcare workers in a Thursday press conference. 



COVID-19 rates in Utah are continuing to go up. Utah Governor Gary Herbert and health experts continue to urge people to take action.



For the first time in the state’s history, both of Utah’s candidates for Lieutenant Governor are women. On Monday during an online forum, Democratic candidate Karina Brown shared her views on education during the pandemic, civic involvement and access to healthcare.



A newly launched digital exhibit explores the similarities in Utah during the 1918 flu pandemic and the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Domestic violence incidents are at an all-time high. Non-profit organizations, Citizens Agains Physical and Sexuall Abuse (CAPSA), Cache Valley law enforcement, and Mayor Holly Daines urge Utah residents to seek help if they find themselves in these types of situations. 

Better Days 2020.


Utahn Seraph Young was the first woman in the United States to vote under an equal suffrage law and for over 80 years, her name has been misspelled on her headstone in Arlington National Cemetery.

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During his monthly press conference on Thursday, Gov. Gary Herbert responded to increased case COVID-19 counts in the state addressed the spread of the virus among student populations.

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With the help of a team of students from Utah State University, members of the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation are working to restore the sacred land at the sight of the Bear River Massacre.

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The Bureau of Land Management issued its new travel management plan for the San Rafael desert, and environmentalists are not happy.

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Domestic violence crisis calls are up over 110% in Cache Valley. A professional from CAPSA said abusers are using isolation to their advantage during the pandemic.   

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced on Monday that ten Utah temples will be reopening next week and allowing for more ordinances to take place.

How Does Online Class Impact University Student Fees?

Aug 10, 2020


As universities prepare for reopening, students are starting to pay both tuition and fees.



As Utah’s rolling average continues to drop, Utah’s governor urges residents to work even harder to help with the decrease.

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Pandemic related stress can have a negative impact on mental health and many are worried this could lead to more suicides.

Thursday was Human Trafficking Awareness day and the Utah Coalition Against Secual Assualt held an online community education event to mark the occasion.



As Utah school districts continue to make plans about holding school during the pandemic, teachers are preparing to implement safety precautions.



The Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection launched a new housing advocacy program for refugee, immigrant, and Latino communities who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mask Mandate Request Is Met With Differing Opinions In Cache Valley

Jul 22, 2020
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After Logan Mayor Holly Daines announced she plans to request a mask mandate for Logan, residents, along with city council members are expressing differing opinions.

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Wedding photographers in the state of Utah are making many adjustments to their businesses as the pandemic continues.



In a Thursday press conference, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert re-emphasised the importance of the role mask wearing will play as Utah school’s reopen.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum Of Art


A new art exhibit at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art focuses on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the community.



USU will distribute nearly nine-million dollars in emergency stimulus money for students affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

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For the Fourth of July this year, Utah veterans shared insights on what they believe honoring the country and celebrating looks like, especially amidst the current challenges the United States faces. 

Online Event Discusses Racism In Ballet

Jul 2, 2020


As conversations about addressing racism in the United States continue, the arts are not exempt. An online panel discussion held by Ballet West on Wednesday focused on this issue.

Following the pandemic, churches across the state adjusted to different ways of worship that complied with social distancing.