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A Look At The Impacts Of Insect Decline, Ways To Counteract It

Feb 16, 2021
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Insects have a reputation for “bugging” us humans with their bites, stings and incessant buzzing. While we may wish they would just go away, researchers have concerns about declining “bug biomass” and how it could impact us.

Sam Beebe / Flickr

An Idaho congressman may have taken the first step in untangling the tricky knot of dams in the Northwest and their effects on salmon.

Wikamedia Commons

The Biden administration's nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., to head the U.S. Interior Department is seen as a momentous event for Utahns and others in the West.

Utah Legislature Urged To Prioritize Affordable Housing

Jan 19, 2021

Religious leaders, local nonprofits and lawmakers are urging the Utah Legislature to restore funding for affordable housing to pre-pandemic levels or higher, in an effort to end homelessness among children.

USU's Science Unwrapped Series To Look Into Vaccine Fears

Jan 19, 2021

This month, USU’s Science Unwrapped program will be looking at vaccine fears. 

Jacob Given/Space Dynamics Laboratory

Satellite systems are a key part of many of the things we rely on each day, from air travel to power grids. In order to better understand how space weather can affect satellites, NASA is working to study atmospheric waves from the International Space Station. Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Lab recently reached a key milestone in this experiment.

Participation Of Utahns Sought In Global Genetic Study

Dec 17, 2020
Brad Gillman / Intermountain Healthcare

Residents of Cache Valley have a unique opportunity to be part of a global genetic study; an international collaboration between Intermountain Healthcare and deCODE Genetics of Iceland.

National Safety Council

A new winter snow shovel service will be available in Cache Valley this year, thanks to Utah State Universities’ Val R. Christiansen Service Center and Cache Community Connections.

“Someone mentioned, 'oh, did you know that there's a real need in the community with people with disabilities and, and people who are senior citizens that need help shoveling, their snow from their sidewalks?'” said Nelda Ault-Dyslin.

National Park Service

What if I purchase an early season ski pass– will it pay off with good snow this winter? Yoshimitsu Chikamoto, a climate scientist at Utah State University Utah had an idea to use climate modeling to help him decide.

NASA Mission Achieves Astounding Goal

Oct 26, 2020
NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

Thursday, October 22, NASA received inmages confirming a spacecraft the size of a school bus grabbed a sample from an asteroid over 200 million miles from earth. The cameras and electronics used in this mission were made in Cache Valley.

School Absences Linked To Air Pollution Have A High Cost

Oct 19, 2020
Harriet Cornachione / Utah State University

A midday Trax trip to downtown Salt Lake City during a severe dust storm a few years ago, led research assistant professor at the University of Utah Daniel Mendozato to consider the impact of air quality on school children at recess.


Almost 50 years after it’s discovery, a gigantic prehistoric reptile has recently been re-classified by the new curator of paleontology at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum. 

Brad Rippey / U.S. Department of Agriculture

Through a new citizen science initiative, the Utah Climate Center will capture drought data through public observations posted on social media.

Benjamin Goldstein / PNAS.org

Utahns are pretty familiar with how vehicle emissions can impact air quality and the climate. But what about household emissions?   

How Small Satellite Technology Can Impact Agriculture

Aug 10, 2020
U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Whether or not you know much about small satellites, it’s likely you’ve benefited from one today. For instance—if you used a navigation app to get where you needed to go.

Kelden Peterson / Space Dynamics Laboratory

Making phone calls from deep space is a challenge even from large spacecraft, but from small satellites it is exceptionally hard. The communications devices for small spacecraft that will be used in an upcoming NASA mission will be provided by the Space Dynamics Lab at Utah State University.

vectorfusionart / Adobe Stock

As Congress debates a new coronavirus stimulus bill, more people in Utah are facing food insecurity as the economy struggles with the effects of the pandemic. Groups that offer social services say some families who were previously able to provide healthy meals will see a double whammy at the end of this week.

Jorge Gonzalez / Natural History Museum of Utah

New research in South America links dinosaur diversification with a sudden climate change event. How does “sudden” climate change in the Triassic geologic time, over 230 million years ago, compare with modern climate change? 

Tammy Rittenour / Utah State University - Geosciences

Across the country, cities and towns are struggling to survive during the COVID-19 outbreak.  It has been particularly stressful for gateway communities-- towns or cities that border publicly owned lands such as national parks.  An initiative through USU's Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism is looking at ways to help those communities.

Egan Cornachione


Thanks to funding from the National Park Service, the team at USU’s Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism will be working on a series of projects to improve national parks in the intermountain west.

Harriet Cornachione / Utah State University

As Utah universities develop reopening plans that address COVID-19 concerns, changes to exemptions for online class enrollment for international students in Fall semester were announced by ICE this week. The new rules are an added challenge for the schools and add uncertainty for the students.

Carlos Jared / Butantan Institute

Hikers in the mountainous west are often wary of snakes, knowing some are venomous, many of us may be less concerned about our amphibious friends, like frogs, toads and salamanders. While in tropical regions, there are poisonous amphibians, but a venomous amphibian – that’s something new.

Utah's Weather And Climate - Dry Times Ahead

Jun 30, 2020
Adam Hartman / NOAA/NWS/NCEP/CPC

Despite the recent rains and cooler temperatures across Utah, the month of June has seen hotter than normal temperatures across much of the state. Are we experiencing normal weather variability or is it climate change? 

Lisa Carricaburu / ARUP Laboratories

Three laboratories, two located in Utah, announced a collaborative effort to investigate the molecular evolution of the Sars_CoV-2 virus by analyzing the genetics of COVID-19. How are they doing it? Using specimens from Utah’s positive COVID-19 tests.

Harriet Cornachione / Utah State University Department of Geosciences

As part of the seventh Utah State University Native American Summer Mentorship program last week, a cultural competency course for faculty was offered to help students receive the support they need on a long-term basis.

Raining Plastics In The American West

Jun 13, 2020
Janice Brahney / Utah State University

A new study from researchers at Utah State University finds tiny pieces of plastic are being transported atmospherically and deposited on western public lands in astounding annual quantities.

Harriet Cornachione

USU’s Native American Summer Mentorship Program (NASMP) has been fostering this underserved group, working to improve cross-cultural communication and diversity in STEM since 2014. This year the program is virtual

Virtual Thesis Defenses During Coronavirus Restrictions

May 6, 2020
Johan Jönsson (Julie)

Due to coronavirus restrictions, many graduate students are defending their work virtually this year, including those at Utah State University. 

New Mapping Of The Wasatch Fault Published Online

May 1, 2020
Wasatch fault zone, Salt Lake segment and West Valley fault zone.
Utah Geological Survey

While the recent Magna earthquake may have taken many Utahns by surprise, geologists at the Utah Geological Survey were hard at work finishing a four-year, fault-mapping study they hope will help reduce earthquake risks in the state. 

Developing A Sars_CoV_2 Vaccine, Part 2

Apr 23, 2020
CDC Public Health Website

Medical experts have often expressed hope that a vaccine for the SARS_CoV_2 virus, which causes COVID-19, will be developed within the next 12 -18 months. What exactly goes into making vaccines that are both safe for humans and effectively provide a protective response to exposure to a virus?