A lot of the Black Lives Matter movement has been framed in terms of policing. But even if we could fix the racial disparities that exist in use-of-force situations, we’d still be a far cry from a world in which every facet of our society operates as though Black lives truly matter. Take healthcare, for instance.

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Now that Utah is operating under the moderate risk category of coronavirus mitigation efforts, elective dental and medical procedures can be scheduled again.  

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 A judge throws out Salt Lake City’s lawsuit against the Utah inland Port. Sen. Mike Lee lambasts the Trump administration over its briefing on the assassination of a top Iranian general. And the Utah program that sends public employees to Mexico to buy their medications at a deeply discounted rate. 

Utah County-based group Charity Vision is expanding operations in Haiti, supplying local doctors with resources to grow their practices. But working with Haitian local practices has an unusual struggle, as Doug Jackson, CharityVision's CEO and the son of its founder, explained.

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The United States pays more for healthcare per capita than any other country, yet our outcomes are less than perfect compared to other developed nations. In an attempt to address the disparity, healthcare professionals are changing how they approach patient treatment.