Hispanic Issues


Hablar sobre el racismo puede ser un tabú en muchas comunidades. Pero sin importar si la gente está dispuesta o no a hablar del racismo, sus efectos siguen teniendo consecuencias muy reales para quienes lo experimentan. 


Talking about racism can be taboo in many communities. But whether or not people are willing to discuss racism, the effects of discrimation have very real consequences for those who experience it.

In the daily press conference to update Utahns on the coronavirus, state epidemiologist Angela Dunn said Utah’s confirmed coronavirus cases have been analyzed to determine differences in racial backgrounds. Dunn said the results show the state’s Hispanic and LatinX populations have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. While only making up 14% of the state’s racial or ethnic background, 28% of Utah’s cases identify as Hispanic or LatinX.

Capacity Issue Burgeoning In Utah Foster Care

Aug 14, 2019
Bessi / Pixaybay

The disparity between Utah's foster families and foster children is in the hundreds to thousands.  Currently, there are 2,700 children in the foster system, but only ever around 1,400 households available to house them. One of the biggest issues with recruitment is finding volunteers willing and qualified to go through the training.