Holly Daines

Plastic Bag Reduction Efforts Ease During Pandemic

May 19, 2020


As efforts are made to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, many individuals have stopped bringing reusable bags to the store and some businesses are discouraging the use of these bags as well

Suffrage Marchers Honor Past And Look To Future

Jun 17, 2019
Four of the many marchers outside the Logan Tabernacle on Friday.
Chris Polansky / Utah Public Radio

Marchers wearing sunflowers and the purple, white and gold sashes of the suffragist movement made their way down Main Street in Logan on Friday. They walked from the Tabernacle to the Historic Cache County Courthouse in a reenactment of a suffrage march. It was meant to commemorate almost a century since the adoption of the 19thAmendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote.  

Logan citizens show support for Cache Valley animals after the Cache Humane Society ended their contract with Logan city
Brianne Johnson

Logan city residents hoped to address animal care in Cache Valley at a city council meeting Wednesday but Logan’s mayor suggested a separate meeting to discuss community concerns. The date of the meeting will be announced at a later date.

Logan City Visioning Meeting; Developers from Cowboy Partners stand in front of a list of ideas for future developments on Logan's central block.
Matilyn Mortensen

The Logan city council chambers were full of attendees during a visioning meeting Tuesday evening. Residents were invited to share what kind of a project they wanted to replace the currently empty Emporium property located across the street from the Tabernacle in downtown Logan.

Logan Main Street; Logan city officials and other stakeholders are discussing ways to improve traffic flow on Logan's Main Street.

A discussion on the future of Logan city’s main street was facilitated by Utah Department of Transportation representatives on Friday. Meeting attendees included Logan city officials, business owners and other stakeholders.

Logan City Citizen Meet To Discuss Current Restrictions On Dogs In Public Parks
Brianne Johnson

Last Thursday, a public meeting was held with Logan City Mayor Holly Daines to discuss possible amendments to the city's current policy restricting dogs in public parks. 

Logan Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On Future For Downtown

Aug 7, 2017
Katherine Taylor

There are four candidates for mayor of Logan: Hayden Nielson, Holly Daines, Brian Seamons and Kyle Barney.

The candidates span a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.