Invasive insects

Invasive insects that are a concern in Utah

Nov 12, 2021
Extension Utah Pests


  This program originally aired in August 2021.

So, what are invasive species? They are organisms that are not native to the local environment and they're capable of harming the environment, the economy, or human health.

USU Extension

The Oystershell scale is an invasive insect that can weaken and kill aspen trees has recently been confirmed in native forests in Utah. The insect has likely been affecting trees and shrubs in Utah’s landscapes for decades, but, it wasn’t until recently that the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Health Protection program has confirmed its presence in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Pole Canyon, east of the Provo area.

Christmas Trees: A Pathway For Invasive Species

Dec 17, 2019

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, please don’t infect Utah with these species. 

Gillian Allard, FAO of United Nations /

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is warning Utahns not to transport firewood across state lines because the wood could be harboring invasive insects.