invasive species

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Quagga mussels are an invasive aquatic mollusk that have spread across the United States, and are one of the most economically damaging invasive species in the country.


Utah State University’s Ecology Center hosted a speaker this week, who covered bird migration and one of the world’s most prevalent invasive species: the domestic cat.

National Park Service, Lake Mead, Arizona / Flickr

As summer approaches, Utah residents are getting ready to take out their boats. If you take a trip out to one of Utah’s reservoirs or lakes, many owners are required to make sure there aren’t any shelled critters hitching a ride.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty

This week on UnDisciplined, we're talking about the way people and animals move from place to place. Rick Geddes studies economic solutions for reducing traffic. Lori Spears is an entomologist who helps develop ways to keep non-native insects out of North America.