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Utah Farm Bureau Federation

The drought and the pandemic have created challenges for farmers and small businesses across the state. Farmers Feeding Utah Miracle projects are one way the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation has been helping farmers, and now the foundation is working on more options to connect the community to local products. 

Ute freshman gymnast Kara Eaker has withdrawn from the United States Olympic gymnastics team after testing positive for COVID-19, despite being vaccinated.

Salt Lake County and City Officials announced on Monday that the pond at Sugar House Park will be drained early due to low water levels. Water feeds to the pond through Parley’s Creek, which is currently dry and causing the low water levels in the pond.

While watering lawns less can be done to conserve water during a drought, using less water isn’t always possible in agricultural operations. As water availability dwindles, some farmers are noticing decreases in their agricultural outputs.

Where To Use SNAP Benefits

Jul 12, 2021

Making healthy choices with our food can be expensive sometimes, but there are programs out there to make it just a little easier. Joining me today is LaCee Jimenez with USU Extension’s Create Better Health Program to talk about how SNAP education programs can help people.

Days after celebrating a vaccination milestone, Gov. Spencer Cox announced that the state made a mistake when they announced that Utah had hit the 70% goal for adult vaccinations.

Utah is one of six states experiencing smoky skies this week as dozens of wildfires burn across the Western United states, including Oregon and California.

Four Congressional, fifteen School Board, twenty-nine senate, and seventy-five House—these are the districts that need to be redrawn this year during the October legislative special session for redistricting.  But because of COVID, the process that would normally start in May needs to wait until September. 


The pandemic had many people reflecting on their mental health, and for some of it meant turning to apps for help. USU Extension’s Family Life Specialists, Dr. David Schramm partnered with Impact Suite to help come up with a new mental wellness app. He is here with us today to talk about this new app.

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This Fourth of July weekend, Col. Gail Halverson, also known as the “Candy Bomber” will be taking flight for the last time in Saint George. This event is in partnership between Dixie State University, United We Pledge, Balance of Nature, and the KONY Country 4th of July Celebration.


As many people begin going back to their day-to-day routines, health officials are reminding people that it is still important to get tested for COVID-19. The Utah Department of Health said the number of people getting tested for the coronavirus in recent months has decreased dramatically. 


Drought-tolerant landscaping has become a popular option in dry areas to lessen the need for water on people's lawns. Joining me today is Rick Heflebower, USU Extension Horticulturist in Washington County, to talk about this method of drought management.

The committee charged with recommending a new name for Dixie State University in St. George recently suggested the name Utah Polytechnic State University.


Climate change seems to be a hot topic in politics and science. Last April, Extension members from all over the country came together to talk about their role in this issue. Joining me today is Roslynn McCann, Sustainable Community Specialists with USU Extension. 


While visiting the meat section at the grocery store this year, you may have noticed the prices of meat such as pork rising.

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With over 90% of Utah experiencing extreme drought, 2021 is one of the driest years on record. This fire season has the potential to be one of the worst seasons yet. Mike Kuhns, USU extension forester, joins me today to talk about wildfire prevention. 

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Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte's announcement in early May that the state would stop paying the higher, pandemic-related federal unemployment benefits set off a domino effect as other states followed.

Between 2000 and 2019, 43 states and Washington DC all experienced at least one active shooter situation, according to a report by the FBI. One hospital here in Utah is preparing for the worst with some training.

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An event in Idaho this week hopes to plant seeds for the sustainability movement in agriculture.

The Carbon Summit will be held at the College of Idaho in Caldwell Wednesday and Thursday, featuring speakers with a range of expertise.

You may be seeing less green grass around as Gov. Cox askes Utahns to cut back on their watering habits in a press conference on Tuesday. This all comes after Cox announced he has issued a third executive order declaring a statewide drought emergency.

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Conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against the Interior Department to prevent a highway from being built through Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. The groups claim that paving over the protected land would be a violation of bedrock environmental laws which require agencies to analyze potential environmental harms before making decisions. 


Earlier this week, the meat processing business, JBS, was hit with a cyberattack that caused it to temporarily shut down some of its operations in Utah and other parts of the United States, as well as Australia, and Canada. Food security experts are looking at how this could effect the security of our food chain. 

As Utah continues to be one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, residential neighborhoods are being built throughout the state on what used to be farmland.

Utah Farm Bureau

Over the past year Farmers Feeding Utah has raised around 2.5 million dollars to buy food to donate to the community. The project was started by the Utah Farm Bureau at the beginning of the pandemic to support both farmers in the state and Utahns in need of food. UPR's Kailey Foster took some time to speak with Ron Gibson, the president of the bureau, to discuss the projects first year.

Is Artificial Grass The Solution For Water Preservation?

May 25, 2021

Keeping your lawn green while conserving water during a drought may seem difficult. In some areas of the United States, people are turning to artificial grasses to save water. Joining me today is Kelly Kopp, a USU Turfgrass Specialist to talk about artificial grasses.

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Water is critical to Arizona's future, and the state's three public universities are challenging high school students to propose solutions for the water problems communities face around the state.


Families are flying kites in Idaho Friday to lift each other up during Mental Health Awareness Month.

What To Expect This Year At The Farmer's Market

May 19, 2021

Music may be something you missed from last year’s farmer’s markets as markets across the state implemented new rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Tribal Opioid Wellness Summit: Bridging Harm Reduction and Recovery

May 18, 2021

Utah State University Extension Tribal and Rural Opioid Initiative Resource Center is holding a wellness summit on opioid harm reduction. Joining me today is Dr. Sandra Sulzer, USU, Extension Health, and Wellness Specialist.


Researchers from Utah State University and Iran are collaborating to help restore one of the world's largest saline lakes- Lake Urmia.