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Last week, the 3.9 earthquake centered near Tremonton came as a big surprise to Box Elder County geologists - caused by one of many unknown faults in northern Utah.

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There is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, but for mice with induced Parkinson’s, exercise seems to slow the progression of the neurodegenerative disease, and surveys suggest something similar could be happening with humans. A research group at University of Utah is looking into this kind of treatment with a grant for controlled experiments.

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Light pollution is a growing problem in Utah, so much that officials at the University of Utah have created a new minor and science journal centered on dark skies.

A new study looking at year-to-year snowpack in the western US found that back-to-back low snow years will be more frequent if the world continues along the business-as-usual emissions trajectory.

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Women’s Equality Day is Monday and according to multiple reports, Utah isn’t measuring up. It still ranks near the bottom for the earnings gap.

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I went to a horse pasture in Mendon, on the hunt for the rare Ute Ladies' Tresses orchid. The pasture is the only documented place it occurs in Cache County.

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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has finished building a new solar farm on the eastern border of Rich County. According to the head of the company’s US investment team, building in Rich County was a no-brainer.

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Last year the Utah State Legislature passed Senate Bill 184, Pharmacist Dispensing Authority Amendments. This new law would allow women to obtain hormonal contraceptives from a qualified pharmacist without a visit to the doctor. Over a year later, the program is being rolled out in some Utah pharmacies.

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This year the Dingell Natural Resources Act was signed into law. This act designated over 600,000 acres of wilderness in Utah and created the San Rafael Swell Recreation Area. But not everyone is happy about this.

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Thirty-six percent of American college students are food insecure, and a new grant from AmeriCorps is anticipated to help students going hungry on Utah’s universities.

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Human trafficking might sound like something that can’t happen in peaceful Utah, but it does. Last year the Utah Attorney General’s Office investigated 49 different human trafficking cases, leading to eight prosecutions. Luckily, Utah has a specialized strike force that was created especially to combat human trafficking.

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Nitrogen oxide makes for hazy days and coughing fits, and Hunter and Huntington Power Plants in southern Utah aren’t blameless. 

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With housing costs along the Wasatch Front climbing 80% since 2005, you might expect the Bastian family, farmers in Salt Lake County, to cash in for a tidy paycheck. But instead they opted to donate 100 acres of prime farmland to Utah State University Extension, with the goal of building a center for increasing agricultural literacy.

Rotary Club of Logan

The Rotary Club of Logan was chartered on June 17th 1919 making this week the centennial celebration for the club.

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Sometimes it’s a good year for one kind of wild plant and sometimes it’s a good year for another kind. But what causes these fluctuations in plant abundances from year to year? A new study suggests it might be linked to soil microbes underneath those plants.

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John Wesley Powell is one of the iconic explorers of the American West. A teacher, botanist, geologist, and amputee, he is probably best known for his 1869 and 1871 explorations of the Colorado River.

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Neeta Lind / Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

The Four Corners region is transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, and the new $94 million loan from USDA should support the transition. The coal-fired Navajo Generating Station is expected to close in December 2019 after the Navajo Nation Council voted against purchasing it. Kayenta II, a new solar farm, is expected to open this month.

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In parts of Utah, the heavy rainfall has created problems for farmers. Reports show that central Utah is experiencing its second wettest spring on record and planting had to be pushed back due to flooded fields. But in Cache County, a 10-day break in the weather allowed planting to happen mostly on time.

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Research tells us that early springs can offset the impacts of climate change. The earlier green-up makes for a longer growing season, and more carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere. But we haven’t been able to tell if spring is coming earlier for conifers in the mountains – until now.

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Utah has a reputation for being a good place for families, and a new report by the Georgetown Center for Children and Families suggests that the voter-approved Medicaid expansion passed this year could make it even better.

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Earlier this month the city of Logan announced that it was only able to recycle #1 and #2 plastics. For some, this is unfortunate, especially because so many people in Logan like recycling.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

If you live in one of Utah’s towns that are overrun with turkeys, you might be interested in a new Division of Wildlife Resources proposal that will add new release sites for captured turkeys –making the new sites far away from suburbs and farms.

Dyan Bone / U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Kaibab National Forest

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a snake and carry it home with you, a proposed change to reptile and amphibian collection rules in Utah could make your wish come true. Right now, if you want to catch a wild reptile or amphibian in Utah to keep as a pet, the process is a bit convoluted.

Bill Thompson / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Cutler Marsh and the Bear River provide wonderful habitat for birds - and bird-watchers - in Cache Valley. Utah State University’s beautifully treed campus also has nice habitat for birds, but at a cost: perishing when hitting a window.

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It’s springtime and river flows are ripening, and thanks to Utah's healthy snowpack this winter, spring runoff is supposed to be 120 to 130% above average. Although more water is good in our dry state, these flows can be dangerous – in spring 2017 six people drowned as a consequence of these hazardous flows.