Lesya Feinstein

New Bidirectional Bus Route Opens in Cache County

Jan 6, 2020
Lesya Feinstein

A ribbon-cutting on Monday morning celebrated the Cache Valley Transit District’s new bidirectional bus route, the first of its kind in the valley. The route connects the county’s north and south Walmart locations in addition to improving transportation from the campus of Utah State University to downtown Logan. 

The Utah State Capitol at night.
Matilyn Mortensen

After almost a year of discussion, Utah lawmakers passed a tax reform bill Thursday evening largely along party lines. 


DigDeep, a human rights nonprofit organization, published a new report with the US Water Alliance this month about closing the water access gap in the United States. 

DESI Collaboration; Legacy Surveys; NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA


The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, known as DESI, was made to sensitively measure pockets of dark energy and gauge their distances from the earth. This began when post doctoral researchers like Sarah Eftekharzadeh at the University of Utah decided photos of the galaxy weren’t enough. 


Dr. Susan R. Madsen, a leadership and ethics professor at Utah Valley University, released a research brief last week on female representation on Utah State Boards and Commissions.

Lesya Feinstein

A two-by-four foot table with a green, metal overlay buzzed in Jason Leiker’s suburban garage. 

Students from Utah State University’s Latinx Creative Society celebrated Day of the Dead on Saturday. It was a parade that honored the dead, but also focused on ways to support those living with mental health challenges.