One Account And The Effects Of Conversion Therapy

Mar 12, 2019
Justin Utley during conversion therapy.
Justin Utley

Utah bypassed House Bill 399 that would have ended all forms of conversion therapy substituting it with a bill that will only end physical abuse within the controversial therapy. Justin Utley is a singer/songwriter from Utah and also a survivor of conversion therapy. About a year into the therapy with no progress, he became depressed and suicidal. After a pivotal moment in his life, he decided he wouldn’t stop being an advocate for youth going through the same thing.

Background: blue sky, green tree and a mountain peak. Mid-ground: Bustling people on a cobblestone plaza. Foreground: Person holding a sign that says "March For Science. March For The Future"
Out in STEM at USU

Across the sciences, engineering is one of the least diverse disciplines. But Utah State University just received a grant to investigate LGBT+ representation in engineering.   

BYU school logo.

At a rare, school-sanctioned event, four LGBT students at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University spoke to about 600 students about what it's like to reconcile their religious beliefs with sexual identities that don't fit within the religion's belief system.

Addison Jenkins, who spoke at the first LGBT campus forum last year, said the school took a step forward Thursday by hosting the panel.

Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

University of Utah Communications Professor Kevin Coe wanted to know what impact a shout out from a president might have on a minority group like the LGBT community.

On Thursday, the Human Rights Campaign released LGBTQ equality scores for 506 U.S. cities, including eight in Utah. The average score for Utah cities was 40 out of 100.

Equality Utah

  Last year a lawsuit was filed to remove a 16-year-old law, nicknamed ‘No Promo Homo’ law, which prohibits teaching homosexuality in sex-ed classes in K-12 schools. The LGBT-rights group Equality Utah, recently settled the lawsuit after Utah repealed a law restricting talk about homosexuality in classrooms.

The City Of Logan Celebrates Its First Pride Festival

Oct 11, 2016

Through music, art and rainbow wear the Cache Valley community gathered in downtown Logan to connect with LGBT folk and their allies.  

Rainbow-clad rollerbladders made their way through people wearing socks and t-shirts bearing the symbol of a community that, until now, has held out on the celebration.

Campus Pride is an educational organization for LGBT students and college campus groups. In the past, the organization released a "shame list" of 57 colleges. According to Campus Pride, the colleges all discriminate against LGBT youth through Title IX exemptions. This year’s list includes 102 religious colleges. Campus Pride claims all colleges discriminate against LGBT youth in policies, programs and practices.

When Brooke Lambert became the USU LGBT program coordinator four years ago, she said many people in Cache County didn’t know what LGBT meant.



Utah is one of 11 states that joined a lawsuit against the Obama Administration in response to a federal mandate that allows school kids to enter the bathroom they associate with based on their gender identity.

Mormon Gender Issues Survey Snowballs On Social Media

Nov 20, 2014
Gender signs

Along with the quizzes about which states you’ve visited and which Disney character is your spirit animal, another online survey has been spreading like wildfire across Facebook pages in Utah—the Mormon Gender Issues Survey.

Unlike other online quizzes, the gender issues survey has the backing of researchers from universities across the nation, who plan to publish the survey findings.

A new poll measuring statewide opinions on same-sex marriage was released Monday. Some results of the survey were unexpected.

A family posing together.
Family Acceptance Project

Research shows that family support plays a key role in the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender individuals, particularly youth who “come out.” Dr. Caitlin Ryan, a clinical social worker on LGBT health and mental health issues for over 40 years and founder of the Family Acceptance Project, and Marian Edmonds Allen, the new National Program Director for the Family Acceptance Project talk about the importance of supportive family environments in the health of LGBT youth.

Members of the group Mormons Building Bridges marching in the 2012 Utah Pride Parade

Last year, in a surprising development, more than 300 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints marched in the Utah Pride Parade. The group Mormons Building Bridges predicts that with Mormons for Equality also involved, church members will turn out in record numbers to march in this year’s parade on Sunday. Are you planning to march in the parade this year? What do you think of those who are? What does it mean that some Mormons are marching again?

Gay Marriage Advocates Host Vigil in Salt Lake

Mar 26, 2013

Hundreds of civil rights advocates gathered at Salt Lake City’s library square on Monday night for a candlelight vigil and rally in advance of the US Supreme Court’s hearings on the issue of gay marriage this week. KCPW’s Roger McDonough reports.

Proponents of reparative or conversion therapy say it can help people transition away from unwanted homosexuality, while opponents believe the therapy is not only harmful, but flawed in its premise. California recently prohibited licensed therapists from using reparative therapy on patients under 18 years of age. 

A U of U student and three other gay men are suing a New Jersey center under New Jersey's Consumer fraud act.

On Saturday Moab Mayor Dave Sakrison issued a proclamation welcoming the Moab Pride Festival:

"I think it’s a good event, I really do, and I think the community thinks it’s a good event. These are our neighbors, these are our friends, these are the people who live here, so, you know, we’re all in this thing together. And why not celebrate that?"