Logan High School

Logan High Student Goes To National Science Competition

Oct 19, 2018

A Logan High School student is traveling to Washington D.C. to participate in a national science competition. His project was inspired by a friend.

At a February legislative town hall in Logan, Wes Carter and Kai Torrens were two of the youngest people in the room. They’re both Logan High School students and members of the Logan Environmental Action Force, or LEAF club.


Valuable paintings by Utah and Wyoming artists displayed throughout schools in the Logan School District could be sold next week.


A Utah educator has morphed part of her classroom into a monarch habitat for student learning, but is not just teaching the scientific principles. The act of raising these beautiful creatures is instilling much more than just knowledge in her students, it’s sparking curiosity, and imparting a sense of stewardship.

Piper Christian

Toward the end of last year, at COP21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, 185 countries and the European Union signed the Paris Agreement. This agreement is the first international accord to establish binding commitments by all parties to work towards limiting global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius.