Lyle Hillyard


Tuesday’s Republican primary had some big surprises and some races were too close to call, with a significant number of vote-by-mail ballots outstanding.

Image of Lyle Hillyard: News Channel 1, Image of Chris Wilson: Cache Valley Daily

For the first time in 35 years, there is a republican primary for Utah’s 25th senate district. Senator Lyle Hillyard has served as the senator for the district since 1984. He said this election is different.

Ashley Rohde

Utah state legislators are preparing their committee budgets for the next fiscal year with an eye on cuts to accommodate the effects of Covid 19 on our state’s revenues.

UPR has been presenting special programs that we’re calling COVID-19 CONVERSATIONS, answering your questions about the pandemic. We’re going to resume our conversation on the next Access Utah.






During the first day of their virutal legislative session, Utah lawmakers move quickly to pass bills responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Utah advocacy group is praising Utah’s governor and lawmakers for approving plans for Utah schools to expand a federal school breakfast program.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill this week that was passed by lawmakers during the 2020 Utah Legislative Session. The Start Smart Utah breakfast program increases funding for school breakfast programs in hundreds of Utah schools according to Neil Rickard, Child Nutrition Advocate for Utahns Against Hunger.


During the 2020 Legislative Session, Utah Senator Lyle Hillyard said he will be pushing for equality in education funding and more resources for students who are at risk.

The Utah State Capitol at night.
Matilyn Mortensen

After almost a year of discussion, Utah lawmakers passed a tax reform bill Thursday evening largely along party lines.