Marine Corps


The United States Marine Corps has a unique culture that ensures comradery, exacting standards, and readiness to be the first to every fight. Yet even in a group that is known for innovation, culture can push leaders to fall back on ingrained preferences. In her new book “The Marines, Counterinsurgency, and Strategic Culture: Lessons Learned and Lost in America's Wars,” USU Associate Professor of Political Science Jeannie L. Johnson takes a sympathetic but critical look at the Marine Corps's long experience with counterinsurgency warfare.

Reflections On The Careers Of Female Marine Corps Officers

Dec 28, 2017

Marianne Waldrop is the third of four generations of her family to serve in the Marine Corps. She is the only woman.

“I am the third of four generations in my family to go into the Marine Corps. I am the first woman, first and only woman, to have served out of those four generations."