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Courtney Bullard of the Utah Health Policy Project at a meeting in Logan on Tuesday.
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Healthcare advocates are touring the state of Utah this summer, meeting with citizens, healthcare providers and community leaders concerned that the state’s rollback of Medicaid expansion will harm vulnerable Utahns.

Utah Seeks Public Comments On Partial Medicaid Expansion

Jun 12, 2019
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Utahns can comment over the next few weeks on a proposed federal 1115 Waiver that the state needs to implement partial Medicaid expansion. Officials with the Utah Legislature are seeking federal approval of the plan they came up with to replace the full Medicaid expansion Utah voters approved last November. 


  A bill to replace voter-approved Medicaid expansion moves forward despite a "no" vote from its House sponsor. After historic changes in San Juan County, freshman Utah Rep. Phil Lyman says it might be time for a portion of the county to split away. And lawmakers endorse deleting language from the Utah constitution allowing slavery as a form of criminal punishment.  At 9 a.m. on Friday, Salt Lake Tribune government and politics editor Dan Harrie, reporter Bethany Rodgers, and columnist Holly Richardson join KCPW's Roger McDonough to talk about the week's top stories.

Utah Senate

Utah lawmakers have advanced a proposal to replace the full Medicaid expansion approved by voters in November. Ogden Republican Sen. Allen Christensen's SB96 got a favorable recommendation from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday.

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On the first day of the 2019 Utah Legislative Session, lawmakers introduced bills to repeal or significantly alter the full Medicaid expansion passed by voters in November. 

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Former Utah State University football player Torrey Green, accused of sexually assaulting six women when he was student, takes the stand during the second week of his trial. Lt.

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The ongoing power struggle continues as the Utah state legislature overrides two of Gov. Gary Herbert's vetoes. Four of six citizen initiatives will likely end up on the ballot in November, including one to expand Medicaid and another to legalize medical marijuana.

And San Juan County claims a right of way through Recapture Canyon, the site of ancient archaeological ruins and of a 2014 protest ATV ride.


Mitt Romney takes a hard stance on Dreamers and suggests a merit-based U.S. immigration system. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs a Medicaid expansion bill that will cover 70,000 needy Utahns, if the federal government approves it. And a look back at this past weekend's student-led march against gun violence as well as the counter demonstration by gun rights activists.  


Medicaid expalsion passes first hurdle.

A Republican lawmaker's plan to expand Medicaid in Utah has passed its first hurdle in the state Legislature.

Republican Rep. Robert Spendlove's plan would expand the state and federal health insurance program to cover about 60,000 of the state's poor living just under the poverty level. / Utah Department of Health

The answer is probably no, unless you are one of the 40 Utahns who have officially weighed in on the expansion proposal, even though Utah’s Medicaid expansion comment period ends on Wednesday.