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Jonathan Williams, vice president and chief economist at American Legislative Exchange Council, explained that by looking at the economic outlook of each state and ranking them in 15 different factors -- including tax regulations, labor policies and economic growth -- ALEC is able to see which state ranks the richest and the poorest.

New Utah State Prison Set To Open In 2022

Apr 16, 2019
Animated picture of new prison.
Senator Lyle Hillyard

Five years ago, Utah lawmakers started breaking ground on a new prison facility for inmates currently housed in Draper. The prison facility was built in the early 1950s, outside of town. Now, and after decades of use, it has become worn and surrounded by new development.

Dr. Bruce Bugbee with cannabis
Utah State University


During the last several years, the United States has become reacquainted with cannabis and hemp with new laws passed in various states. Last December, a new Utah Farm Bill passed allowing people to use cannabis with a 0.3% limit of tetrahydrocannabinol, or more commonly known as THC, making it possible for hemp and cannabis to appear in Utah.

Cars driving.

This year, Utah was one of 10 states granted $3 million to help fund research and implications of advanced vehicle technology.

Baby Animal Days Returns To Cache Valley

Apr 2, 2019
Baby Animal Days logo
American West Heritage Center

It’s that time of year when the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville hosts Baby Animal Days. This annual event typically entertains 3,000 to 5,000 guests, and after 20 years has become a popular hands-on tradition throughout Cache Valley.

Opioid Treatment Program Coming To Cache Valley

Mar 29, 2019

For years, Utah has consistently ranked in the top ten for states with the most prescription overdose deaths. One way the government has been able to lower these deaths is by opening opioid treatment programs throughout the state.

Boy Scouts of America walking with American flags.
US Department of Defense, Photo Essay.

For the last 106 years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has chartered troops for the Boy Scouts of America, that is until the church announced that starting in 2020, they will stop chartering the program.

One Account And The Effects Of Conversion Therapy

Mar 12, 2019
Justin Utley during conversion therapy.
Justin Utley

Utah bypassed House Bill 399 that would have ended all forms of conversion therapy substituting it with a bill that will only end physical abuse within the controversial therapy. Justin Utley is a singer/songwriter from Utah and also a survivor of conversion therapy. About a year into the therapy with no progress, he became depressed and suicidal. After a pivotal moment in his life, he decided he wouldn’t stop being an advocate for youth going through the same thing.

Glass of beer with thumbs up next to it.

The House of Representatives gathered at Health and Human Services on Wednesday to discuss Senate Bill 132, which would have raised the alcohol-by-volume limit from 3.2 percent up to 4.8 percent. But when it went through the House of Representatives, it was rejected.

USU Considers Changes To Emergency System Training

Feb 28, 2019
Original email from false Code Blue alert.
Meghan Nelson

Utah State University officials are responding to complaints about a recent false Code Blue Alert. The system is used by university police to warn the campus community of emergency threats.


Garbage can overflowing with plastics

Individuals and groups in Cache County have worked for years to put a ban on all single-use plastics, but this year, the Utah State Legislature could be standing in the way.

Opioids in bottles.



 In 2016, Utah was ranked 16th in the nation for opioid-related deaths. If you look at the top ten counties that misuse opioids in Utah, you’d see that eight out of ten counties are all rural communities. Leading those 10 counties are Emery, Duchesne, Kane and Beaver.

Sign option "Logan Lovers"
Dallie Hewitt


A new selfie spot could be opening in downtown Logan with the hopes of drawing more university students to explore Main Street. It's part of a college course that allows students to come up with creative ways to merge town with gown.  

Police line do not cross tape.
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Utah State Senator Daniel Thatcher has been proposing the Victim Targeting Penalty bill for years now.

Bicycle Brent with Josh Barnett.
Josh Barnett

Cache Valley resident Josh Barnett started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign for Brent Carpenter, better known as Bicycle Brent, an active elderly man with cerebral palsy who bikes around Logan waving to passersby.

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake giving a speech.

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake visited Utah State University on Tuesday. He gave a speech called Is Polarizing Partisanship The New Normal? and spoke about how he saw the Republican party change since the 2016 election.

One Man Dead After Domestic Shooting In Logan

Feb 1, 2019
Police sirens sitting outside apartment complex on Riverbend Road.
Zachary Aedo


A 23-year-old man is dead after a domestic dispute early Friday morning in Logan. Police rushed to an apartment complex on Riverbend Road after receiving a 911 call claiming there were gunshots.

United States Capitol; Washingon D.C.

President Donald Trump announced that he and congressional leaders have reached a deal to reopen the government for three weeks while continuing the negotiation for money to build the U.S. - Mexico border wall. While government employees in Utah, along with rest of the United States started receiving paychecks again, many people fear they are not yet out of the hot water.

Inked newborn footprints.

The Utah Vital Acts Amendment bill was presented during the opening day of the 2019 legislative session. Utah Republican Representative Merrill Nelson is proposing House Bill 0153, which would require the state to define the terms "male" and "female," as well as forbid courts from allowing individuals to change their sex on a birth certificate.

In 2015 the National Association for Campus Activities recognized a Utah State University social event, PoBev,  that three years later has grown in popularity.