Four Years On, Youth Leading ID Women's March

Jan 20, 2021
Idaho Womxn's March

Four years after the original Women's March, young women in Idaho are taking the reins this year.

ID Health-Care Advocates To Gov Little: Funds Available For Medicaid

Jan 12, 2021
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To kick off the Idaho legislative session, Gov. Brad Little gave his 2021 State of the State and Budget address on Monday. The coalition Close the Gap Idaho says the governor's budget doesn't do enough to protect health care.

Luke Runyon/KUNC

Record-breaking wildfires in 2020 turned huge swaths of Western forests into barren burn scars. Those forests store winter snowpack that millions of people rely on for drinking and irrigation water. But with such large and wide-reaching fires, the science on the short-term and long-term effects to the region’s water supplies isn’t well understood. 

Summer Protests In Boise Mirror U.S Capitol Breaching

Jan 8, 2021
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Scenes of supporters of President Donald Trump breaking windows and breaching the U.S. Capitol shocked the nation this week - and were reminiscent of protests in Boise last summer.

Wyoming Oil-Gas Project Could Be Headed To Court

Jan 7, 2021

Conservation groups may take the federal Bureau of Land Management to court after the agency announced its final decision on the Converse County oil and gas project over the winter holidays.

Federal Grant Helps Idaho Make Strides In Early Childhood Education Programs

Jan 7, 2021
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Idaho's early childhood education and school-readiness efforts are getting a big boost from a federal grant.

Courtesy AJ Carrillo, Deer Tree Farm

AJ Carrillo farms 18 acres outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado, in the high desert of the Western Slope about an hour southeast of Grand Junction.  When he irrigates his peach orchard, water gushes from big white plastic pipes at the top of the plot and takes half a day to trickle down to the other end of his five-acre orchard. 

Organized Labor Hopes For Better Policies Under Biden Administration

Jan 6, 2021


As President-elect Joe Biden considers his pick for labor secretary, unions in Colorado and across the U.S. are eager to leave the Trump administration in the past.

ID Salmon Workgroup Ends, Considered 'Stepping Stone' Toward Recovery

Jan 5, 2021
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A group convened by Gov. Brad Little to address the dire situation for salmon and steelhead numbers has finalized its recommendations and should release a final report next month. /

2020 has been a tough year for some of the Colorado River basin’s long-planned, most controversial water projects. 

Daniel Rayzel/KSJD

Traveling along western rivers can give a glimpse into the power of erosion.

In southwestern Colorado, that’s made clear by the canyons and floodplains shaped by the Dolores River as it travels to meet the Colorado River in eastern Utah. But you don’t need to be a longtime river rafter like Sam Carter to see some of the ways humans have tried to control erosion for their benefit.

Wildlife Advocates: Wolves Could Help Stave Off Disease in Elk, Deer

Dec 23, 2020

The first case of chronic wasting disease in elk reported by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has reopened debate on current wildlife management programs.

Report: Idaho Families 'Left On Their Own' During Pandemic

Dec 22, 2020
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As in the rest of the country, families in Idaho are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows 11% of Idaho families don't have enough to eat and 13% aren't confident they'll be able to pay the rent or mortgage on time.

Colorado River Basin Winter Forecast Signals Dry Times Ahead

Dec 18, 2020
Luke Runyon/KUNC

All signs are pointing to a dry start to 2021 across much of the Colorado River watershed, which provides water to about 40 million people in the Western U.S.  

Report: WY Families Struggle with Food Insecurity, Mental Health

Dec 18, 2020

Families in Wyoming are coping somewhat better than in other states when it comes to putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a new Annie E. Casey Foundation report.

Credit Unions Donate to Help Feed Idahoans During Hard Times

Dec 17, 2020
Mountain America Credit Union

With folks across the country struggling to afford meals, credit unions are stepping up to help people in need.

WY Game And Fish Seeks Public Input In Elk Feedlot Revisions

Dec 14, 2020

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reconsidering how it manages the state's winter elk-feeding grounds, in part to mitigate the risk of infectious diseases, and the agency is looking for public input to develop a long-term plan.


The U-S Forest Service will allow prairie dogs to be eradicated in what had been a protected section of the Thunder Basin National Grassland in northeastern Wyoming. Conservation groups say that makes it almost impossible for the endangered black-footed ferret to recover in the U-S.

Food Bank 'Leans In' To Meet Growing Demand Across WY

Dec 2, 2020

Food banks in Wyoming and across the nation are seeing unprecedented demand in the wake of economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Pesticide Protections Needed For ID Farmworkers, Advocates Say

Nov 13, 2020

Idaho farmworkers exposed to pesticides don't know what effects these chemicals will have on their health, and advocates are pushing for more safeguards for these laborers.

Jospeh Almendarez/Pixy

Western wolf advocates have filed official notice of their intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its decision to strip gray wolves of federal protections.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Resources For ID Caregivers Available

Nov 10, 2020
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A new resource guide is out for folks feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities as family caregivers.

WY Group Working to Make Sure All Votes Count

Nov 5, 2020
A white oval "I voted" sticker with a small American flag on a piece of blue denim fabric.
League of Woman Voters California.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the ACLU has filed 14 lawsuits to ensure that all eligible voters in Wyoming and across the nation have the option to vote safely by mail, and the nonpartisan group says it isn't backing down now.

Younger Poll Workers An Asset To Voters In Idaho

Nov 3, 2020
Northern Rockies News Service

Idahoans working at the polls today are likely to be younger than in past elections. In previous years, the majority of poll workers have been over age 60, but concerns about the health of older Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed election offices to seek help from Millennials and members of "Gen Z."

Proposed Cell Tower in Scenic Sawtooth Valley Could Get Another Look

Oct 30, 2020
Riley Yerkovich/Flickr

Critics in central Idaho don't want a cellphone tower to be part of the view of the region's iconic Sawtooth Mountains.

Weighing the Costs of Cutting Home-Care Services In Wyoming

Oct 29, 2020
Marzena P/Pixabay

As Wyoming lawmakers wrestle with a staggering $750 million budget deficit, the state's largest advocacy organization for people age 50 and older is warning cuts to some programs may actually end up costing taxpayers more.

Hunger Awareness Month: ID Orgs Go 'Above and Beyond'

Oct 29, 2020
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Idaho Governor Brad Little has issued a proclamation declaring October Hunger Awareness Month. The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force and Idaho Foodbank are recognizing three organizations that have gone above and beyond to serve their communities during the pandemic.

Important Dates, Tips For ID Voters As Election Approaches

Oct 22, 2020

For Idahoans voting in the November election, there are some dates and tips to keep in mind.

Report: ID-Based Far Right Militia Network Grows Across U.S.

Oct 20, 2020
Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Membership in a network of self-styled militia groups reportedly has expanded from Idaho to 15 other states.

ID Farmers: Net-Metering Proposal Could Cloud Solar

Oct 16, 2020
David Frazier / Flickr

Some farmers fear a rate case before Idaho commissioners will throw shade on future solar projects. The state Public Utilities Commission will consider changes for farmers to its net-metering program, which credits producers for excess energy sent back to the grid.