Christmas Trees In Short Supply This Season

Nov 21, 2017
Merrill Family Holiday Sales

Every holiday season we follow the routine - have Thanksgiving dinner and then the Christmas tree goes up. Trees are more expensive this year and they’ll be gone sooner than years in the past.

Utah State Grad Wins Carpet Design Competition

Nov 20, 2017

“I graduated in May of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Utah State,” said Meg Turner.

Authorities say a Mormon missionary serving in Samoa is dead after being struck by a vehicle.

A spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City says 21-year-old Aaron Ahkau Matapa Patiole was walking with a companion in Upolu when he was fatally struck Sunday.

Childhood Trauma Training Now Offered In Northern Utah

Nov 20, 2017

Last year more than 63 percent of adults in Utah reported having an adverse childhood experience or a traumatic event.  Two students at Utah State University are trying to educate people in Utah on ways to help children cope with physical abuse or sexual assault.

Preventing Allergic Asthma Starts In Your Home

Nov 17, 2017

Spring is often associated with the flare up of allergies but during the holiday season, people can experience intense asthma symptoms. According to experts, there are ways to solve this problem instead of just treating the symptoms. 

Creation Justice

This weekend a group of about two dozen people, including religious leaders from surrounding areas and tribal spiritual leaders, will meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico and make a pilgrimage to Bears Ears National Monument.

Visit Salt Lake / Visit Salt Lake

The Department of Workforce Services, Utah Lt. Gov Spencer Cox and president of the Utah Jazz announced phase 3 of Operation Rio Grande, an initiative aiming to help Salt Lake City’s homeless community receive jobs and workforce skills.

Utah representatives of a national organization that advocates for older Americans are working to educate patients about their rights. AARP is concerned that many of the association’s members are not aware of their right to designate a caregiver. /



Utah Representative Val Potter and Senator Howard Stephenson, R-North Logan and R-Draper, introduced a bill aiming to help the shortage of math, science and special education teachers in Utah.

More Bike Shares Coming To Logan, St. George

Nov 15, 2017
Shanie Howard / 1996

Members of a Logan committee working to bring a bike share to the city hope to complete their project by Earth Day 2018. Bike shares allow residents to pay a small fee to rent a bicycle, which they can pick up and drop off at any of the bike sharing stations in the city.

Utah Division of State History

Researchers from the University of Utah used a model originally for studying birds to see why pioneers settled certain areas within the state of Utah. The study could tell us more about human migration throughout history.

The federal government announced Monday that opioid treatment centers in Utah will receive additional Medicaid reimbursement money. The money will be used to house more clients seeking drug treatment help.

Twelfth Edition Of Popular Utah Geology Calendar Released

Nov 13, 2017
John Good/ Utah Geological Survey

Every year since 2007, the Utah Geological Survey has released a calendar featuring photos of Utah’s unique geologic wonders. Each image is captioned with an explanation of how the geologic phenomenon in the photo was formed.

Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

University of Utah Communications Professor Kevin Coe wanted to know what impact a shout out from a president might have on a minority group like the LGBT community.

Educating Utahns About Impacts Of Childhood Trauma

Nov 10, 2017
Shanie Howard

A Northern Utah nonprofit is using a training program to help educate the public about the impacts of childhood trauma.

“I am the third of four generations in my family to go into the Marine Corps. I am the first woman, first and only woman, to have served out of those four generations."

The Utah Statesman

Utah State University has used a system called “code blue” for the last 10 years, but Judy Crockett, the university’s emergency manager, says they rarely use it.

“I’m Jim Kirkland, state paleontologist for Utah with the Utah Geological Survey. I’ve had the opportunity to work in this area for about 45 years now, hunting dinosaurs.”

Darren Parry, Shoshone chairman




The northwestern band of the Shoshone Native American tribe recently purchased the land where an 1863 attack by California militia volunteers against Native Americans in Cache Valley occurred.

Logan residents have elected Holly Daines to serve as their mayor.  After defeating her opponent Bryan Seamons, Daines said she is ready to transition from her position as chair of the city council to mayor.

Participation in the 2017 Logan Municipal Elections was the highest in history.  Logan City Recorder Teresa Harris says the 34.4 percent turnout is a result of a vote-by-mail election that she said made it easier for people to vote.  

Below you will find the winners of the Cache Valley elections as well as some Utah areas. (Winners are in bold.)


  Republican John Curtis became Utah's newest member of Congress after easily winning Tuesday's special election to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz in a heavily GOP district.

Now comes the hard part: stepping into a divided congress and mapping out a way to win the seat again next year. Curtis was only elected to fill the final year of Chaffetz's term. Chaffetz abruptly resigned earlier this year, citing a "mid-life crisis."

Consumer Attitude In Utah At All Time High

Nov 7, 2017

Consumer attitudes in Utah are at an all-time high according to a recent survey. The consumer attitude index is the result of a survey given throughout the state of Utah. It asks consumers about income, employment status and how they feel about the state’s overall economy.

Aggie Heroes Event Held At USU Promotes Student Unity

Nov 6, 2017
Utah State Student Association

Eight Utah State students took to the stage  to share stories of challenges they have faced and how they have overcome those challenges for an “Aggie Heroes” event.

Utahns Make Plans To Expand Medicaid

Nov 3, 2017
Getty imiages

Utah Decides Healthcare is an initiative that hopes to extend Medicaid healthcare coverage to single adults without children and families that have annual income between $20,000 and $26,900.