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Music: 'The Prosthetic For The Brain'

Aug 31, 2017

Geezerfest is a summer music festival in Orem that reunites local bands. Alan Breese is the director of the event.

Nicole Heaps

The English Language Center in Logan has recently seen a 20% increase of students, mainly refugees, and its resources are growing thin.

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According to a study on, the annual income for artists in Utah is  $34,000, which is 40% less than the national average. But for Chuck Landvatter, an art teacher at Utah State University, pursuing art is something worth the limited income.

Taking Over The World, One Ukulele At A Time

Aug 9, 2017
Nicole Heaps

The ukulele is an instrument with a sound recognizable in a lot of today's music.

Nicole Heaps

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers museum, located on Logan's Main Street, has showcased pioneer artifacts and portraits since 1928. It's currently working on digitizing their portrait collection, making it accessible online making it easier for people to find their ancestors.

One of the first buildings constructed in Logan was a performance hall, a place where people could gather after work and chores to enjoy family style entertainment and boost the economy.  According to the director of The Cache Valley Center of Arts, Wendi Hassan, that tradition continues today.  

And she has the numbers to prove it.

Celebrating Pioneers Day In An Artistic Way

Jul 21, 2017
Nicole Heaps

Little Bloomsbury Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Logan, Utah which focuses on providing hope for people in trying times through music, literature, magic and storytelling. 

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Why Sound is a live music venue and recording studio that caters to local musicians and bands in Cache Valley. The owner is currently working on producing the first record for musician Safari Joe. He's an older artist who plays music that fits in with a younger, more contemporary group of listeners. He suffers from a physical condition and relies on music as a form of therapy.

Salt Lake To Host USA Fencing Competition

Jul 5, 2017

The USA Fencing Championship, the largest of its kind, is being held in Salt Lake City for the first time July 1 - 10 at the Salt Palace.

Lisa Gabbert is the director of the folklore program at Utah State University. She will being going to Wyoming with a group of 12 graduate students preparing for a dude ranching research trip at Grand Teton National Park.

A music festival in Wasatch County is focusing on diversity of music - from electric to hip hop to indie rock. Beginning this weekend, new acts are being performed at the second annual Bonanza Campout.

New Sunblocks And Worsened Ozone Depletion

Jun 21, 2017

There are new physical component sun blocks found in local drugstores to help protect skin this summer. The sun block’s components include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are used as protection from ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B and infrared radiation.

An American Author Book Signing In Cuba

Jun 16, 2017

An American author who is said to have a love for ‘authors, cars and cigars,’ is the first to hold a book signing in Cuba since the death of Fidel Castro in November 2016.

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Logan, Utah’s 34th annual Summerfest Arts Faire features a new traditional arts component.

On the top floor of the student center at Utah State University, two doctoral students are spending the summer interning. This gives them an opportunity to work at CAPS, the schools counseling and psychological service center.

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Artist applications are currently being accepted for the creation of art in public spaces at the new Department of Environmental Quality Technical Support Center in Salt Lake City, a building used for storage and laboratory work for the department.

Summer Reading Programs Help Utah Students

May 23, 2017

Libraries throughout Utah are preparing summer reading programs to help students stay connected. Depending on where you live, programs often include more than just reading books. Some programs may also incorporate technology and the use of art to educate and entertain.

Melinda Barlow, a librarian at the Uintah County Library in Vernal, wants to see the children in her community reading throughout the summer.

Nicole Heaps

Kathy Sherman, a teacher of 26 years at Ellis Elementary School, will be accepting the Teachers in Excellence award on Friday.