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Important Dates, Tips For ID Voters As Election Approaches

Oct 22, 2020

For Idahoans voting in the November election, there are some dates and tips to keep in mind.

Report: ID-Based Far Right Militia Network Grows Across U.S.

Oct 20, 2020
Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Membership in a network of self-styled militia groups reportedly has expanded from Idaho to 15 other states.

A Solution To Restore The Sagebrush Sea Is Cooking In The West

Oct 12, 2020
The Nature Conservancy

The recipe for restoring the West's Sagebrush Sea could involve pasta makers. A project stewing in Idaho and four other western states is testing a new method for replanting sagebrush and other native brunchgrasses.

Idaho Officials Working To Expand Suicide Prevention Efforts During Pandemic

Oct 7, 2020
Public health officials say they're concerned mental distress from the pandemic and the onset of another Idaho winter could increase suicide rates.
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Idaho's already high suicide rates could worsen as the COVID-19 crisis stretches into the winter months, and state officials are relying on technology for some outreach efforts.  

Potential for New Nuclear Testing Brings Up Old Harms to Idahoans

Sep 1, 2020
National Nuclear Security Administration/Flickr

Restarting discussion about nuclear-weapons testing is on the table in Washington, D.C., even as Idaho still is waiting for recognition of the harms from testing in the 20th century.

Report: Mining Shouldn't Come At Expense of Special Outdoor Places

Aug 27, 2020
Zachary Collier/Flickr

The rugged wilderness of central Idaho is home to natural wonders, including the start of one of the longest salmon runs in the world. There's also a history of mining for critical minerals such as cobalt, which powers everything from wind turbines to smartphones.

Forgotten Fruits: Once-Lost Apples Become Appealing Again

Aug 17, 2020
Mariusz Blach/Adobe Stock

Lost apple varieties of the Northwest are sprouting anew and in the spotlight at a conference this week.

Parents Seek Ways to Confront Uncertainty as Schools Reopen

Aug 13, 2020
Mariia Korneeva/Adobe Stock

Working parents face tough decisions as the school year starts, including who will care for their children while they attend school virtually.

Report: Contaminants Threaten Drinking Water for 300,000 Idahoans

Aug 12, 2020
Mark Gunn, Flicker

A new report raises growing concern about the contamination of Idaho's Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Reports the Idaho Conservation League has released its second groundwater report on the aquifer, which supplies drinking water for more than 300-thousand Idahoans. 

Idaho AARP Working To Protect Older Voters

Aug 7, 2020

AARP is encouraging older Americans to get ready to vote this November. AARP Idaho has launched its "Protect Voters 50-Plus" campaign, to educate people about what they need to do to have their voices heard in this election.

Proposed Emergency Plan Exemption for New Nuclear Designs Raises Concerns

Jul 15, 2020
A nuclear laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory / Flickr

A proposal from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission exempting emergency planning for new nuclear plant designs is raising alarms.

Idaho's New Distracted Driving Law: How Effective Are These Measures?

Jul 8, 2020
Man looking at phone while driving
chuchi25 / Adobe Stock

As of this month, Idaho is now enforcing its new distracted driving law.

Despite tougher measures across the U.S., researchers said there's still a lot they don't know about reducing cell phone use behind the wheel.

As COVID-19 Rent Protections End, Some Utahns May Be Facing Evictions

Jul 7, 2020
tab62/Adobe Stock

The COVID-19 crisis has led to thousands of Utahns losing their jobs or having their hours cut, but most have been able to stay in their homes, thanks to an eviction moratorium and assistance programs put in place by the state. 

Judge Keeps ID Tax Initiative Alive; State Attempts to Block Ruling

Jul 6, 2020
Henryk Sadura / Adobe Stock

Supporters of an initiative to tax corporations and wealthy Idahoans in order to fund education will begin to collect signatures again next week.

ID Lawmakers Eye Removing Energy Efficiency From Building Codes

Mar 6, 2020
(Arpad Nagy-Bagoly/Adobe Stock)

Some Idaho legislators believe the state's building codes don't need to include energy standards, whichdictate things such as heat insulation. The building industry has said removing these standards could endanger Idahoans. 

Greater Awareness Could Help Children Come Forward about Abuse

Feb 20, 2020

Findings that child sexual abuse reports in Idaho went up in 2019 have made headlines, but advocates for child welfare say more reports could be a good sign. The Idaho Attorney General's annual report said there were 696 reported cases of child sexual abuse in 2019, up 103 from 2018. 

Easement Protects Public-Land Access in South-Central ID

Jan 14, 2020
Tess O'Sullivan/TNC

About 76-hundred acres of land and more than three miles of access to public lands located between the Pioneer Mountains and Craters of the Moon National Monument are being protected thanks to the help of a conservation easement. The easement surrounds the Cenarrusa Ranch, located northeast of the town of Carey, which was recently purchased from The Nature Conservancy.

As BLM Moves Westward, Critics Say Step May Neutralize Agency

Jan 10, 2020
Bob Wick/ BLM

The Bureau of Land Management's headquarters began its move West this month, but that hasn't ended controversy over the change. 

2020 Goal: Becoming More Financially Fit

Jan 2, 2020
Orawan/Adobe Stock

A common New Year's resolution is becoming more physically fit. Financial experts recommend folks also consider becoming financially fit in 2020. 

Female Yellowstone Bison Transferred To Other Herds In New Program

Dec 27, 2019
Two bison standing next to one another.
Montana Buffalo Field Campaign

Thirty million bison once roamed the American West. Now, only 21-thousand remain that are managed as wildlife. But this week, for the first time, female bison are being transferred out of Yellowstone National Park in a new program to build other herds. The animals will be retested for disease before release.

Table spread with holiday meal.
waranyu/Adobe Stock)

The holidays mean lots of big meals– and lots of food waste. But a few tips could help people put those leftovers to good use. Year-round, the United States Department of Agriculture estimates 30 to 40 percent of food is thrown away.