one small step


Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Tyler Riggs and David Faucett came into the UPR studio to talk, to listen and to hopefully bridge the current cultural and political divide.  Both recommended one small step we can all take. 


Today, we’re going to eavesdrop on a conversation between two strangers... It’s part of a new StoryCorps initiative called One Small Step that brings together people on opposite sides of the political divide. 

One Small Step is a national project launched by StoryCorps with the goal to break down barriers created by politics. We hope to remember our shared humanity and know that we have more in common than we think, and that treating those with whom we disagree with decency and respect is essential to a functioning democracy. 


Utah Public Radio joins One Small Step Communities working with StoryCorps on an initiative to facilitate and broadcast conversations with Americans of opposing viewpoints. The One Small Step initiative, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, aims to counteract intensifying political divides by enabling those who disagree to listen to each other with respect.