public land

Hyde Park Utah
Hermann Luyken

Roughly six years ago Hyde Park embarked on a journey to acquire a small slice of land on the city’s east side to build a new water tank. 

As BLM Moves Westward, Critics Say Step May Neutralize Agency

Jan 10, 2020
Bob Wick/ BLM

The Bureau of Land Management's headquarters began its move West this month, but that hasn't ended controversy over the change.

Utah legislators are voting to have consultants draft a lawsuit challenging the U.S. government's control of federal lands that make up two-thirds of the state.

A Republican-dominated commission made the decision Wednesday after a consulting team said its research concludes the Constitution doesn't give the U.S. government power to control federal lands within state borders.

Democratic Senator Jim Dabakis is one who opposed the lawsuit. He felt the decision lacked representation of Utah's minority groups.