Ron Hellstern

Exotic Invasive Species on Wild About Utah

Sep 28, 2018

“Exotic” sounds rather alluring, but “invasive” implies something completely different and undesirable.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

As human populations increase and construction developments overtake agricultural land and wildlife habitat, some people may feel as if there is little hope for local connections to nature.  Don’t raise the white flag of surrender.  There is much you can do in your own yards to help attract wild songbirds and butterflies.

Poetry In The Forest on Wild About Utah

Apr 25, 2018
poetry in the forest

There are people who can capture beautiful scenery by painting on canvas, using film photography, and with digital technology.  And these forms of art can be visually stunning.  But there is a unique perspective of visualizing when written words are read, allowing one’s mind to see not only the exterior of a scene but the interior heart intended by the writer.

'Journey North' on Wild About Utah

Mar 2, 2018
Citizen-scientist in yard

To those who take personal pride in their yard, park, field, or community you could become part of an amazing network called Journey North.  This is a free, extremely easy Citizen-Science online activity that people can simply enjoy, or enter data about their own backyard and join over 80,000 other people and schools that participate regularly.

Utah Envirothon on Wild About Utah

Feb 2, 2018
Ron Hellstern

No matter where you live in the State of Utah, you are located in one of the 38 Conservation Districts managed by the Utah Conservation Commission. Each of those Districts sponsor and support a wonderful program for High School students called the Utah Envirothon (which simply means a marathon competition to understand Utah’s environments).