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Litter Problem Burgeoning At Utah's National Parks

Jul 17, 2019
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Utah’s national parks are having more visitors, but unfortunately, they are leaving more trash. 

Utah's Skin Cancer Rates Highest Across The Nation

Jul 11, 2019

Using newly released 2016 Center for Disease Control data, the insurance comparison company QuoteWizard surveyed which states had the highest skin cancer rates and Utah was number one for the most new cases. Adam Johnson was the survey’s research analyst.

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The Clean the Darn Air Initiative is civilian-proposed legislation aimed at providing resources to state facilities to clean Utah’s air pollution. Yoram Bauman holds a PhD in economics and is a co-founder of the initiative.

Utah County-based group Charity Vision is expanding operations in Haiti, supplying local doctors with resources to grow their practices. But working with Haitian local practices has an unusual struggle, as Doug Jackson, CharityVision's CEO and the son of its founder, explained.

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CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, are volunteers who work with children that are in the legal system maintain a sense of normalcy, often when their parent or guardians are facing legal issues. More often than not, these issues are drug related creating an unsatisfactory situation in the home. CASA volunteers act as a stable adult figure in the children’s lives but also keep legal officials aware of their needs.

Utah's Not Very Pet Friendly, Says Study

Jun 18, 2019
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Safewise recently surveyed which states nationwide were the best and worst for pets to live in, and Utah ranked sixth as the least pet friendly. Katie McEntire worked on the survey and told us what the study looked at.

Bear Confrontations: How To Handle And Avoid Them

Jun 11, 2019
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It goes without saying, bears are dangerous, especially if you don’t know what to do if you meet one in the wild. The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources has issued an annual caution with some pointers on what to do in such a situation.

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Recent reports show that elder abuse is on the rise in Utah, with some sources saying cases are up 40% over the past five years. But there’s also some question as to what elder abuse actually is. 

The statewide Consumer Attitude Index for May says Utahns are very optimistic about the state's economy. Chad Berbert, one of the CAI’s publishers, said Utah is experiencing historic economic growth.

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The recent wet season, with its high mountain snowfall and heavy rains, has been especially beneficial for Utah farmers, said Doctor Matt Yost, a water and agriculture specialist at Utah State University.