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The tax reform bill that was passed in December by a special session of the Utah Legislature was soundly repudiated by a referendum drive that collected the required number of signatures before the regular session of the legislature began in January. Lawmakers subsequently repealed the tax reform bill. We wondered: what about now? Is there still a need for reform? What should happen next? What is likely to happen next? We’ll talk with the organizer of the referendum drive, Fred Cox. Our guests will also include Rep.

Utah Law Makers Repeal Tax Reform Bill

Jan 28, 2020
Matilyn Mortensen

The tax reform bill passed last month by the Utah State Legislature was repealed by lawmakers Tuesday morning. In the House, the vote to repeal the bill passed 70-1 and in the Senate the vote was unanimous. 



It's the opening day of the 2020 Utah Legislature, and Access Utah is back at the state capitol. We’ll speak with Senator Lyle Hillyard, Senator Evan Vickers, Senator Karen Mayne, and Representative Brian King. We’ll also hear from Bill Tibbetts with Crossroads Urban Center, Rusty Cannon with Utah Taxpayers Association, and Courtney Bullard with Utah Health Policy Project. You can get us your questions and comments by email to

Matilyn Mortensen


Monday was the first day of 2020 Utah’s Legislative Session and House Speaker Brad Wilson set education spending, making higher education more accessible and addressing state transportation needs as some of his legislative priorities. 


Kailey Foster

  During his opening remarks to the Utah State Senate on Monday, Senate President Stuart Adams committed to working to maintain Utah’s high economic ranking. Adams said according to Harvard University, the state is number one in the country for upper mobility.

Utah Lawmakers To Repeal Tax Reform Bill

Jan 23, 2020
governor gary herbert tax modernization reform, referendum
U.S. Department of Agriculture

To the surprise of many Utahns, Governor Gary Herbert announced Thursday morning that state lawmakers would be repealing the controversial tax modernization bill in the upcoming legislative session. The bill was passed during a special session last month.

Utah State legislature, house of representatives, senate
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Monday is the first day of the Utah State Legislative Session, and while the voting chimes haven’t started ringing at the capitol quite yet, preparations are in full swing for the whirlwind 45-days of lawmaking. 

Macey's allows volunteers to gather signatures to repeal tax reform changes, such as increased tax on food items.
Kat Webb / UPR

Almost immediately after the tax reform bill passed during a special legislative session and was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert in December, everyday citizens — like Michele Alder of North Logan — jumped into action. 

Utah Capitol Building at dusk

Referendum To Repeal Utah Tax Code Changes Underway

Dec 20, 2019
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This week Governor Gary Herbert signed Senate Bill 2001, which enacted changes to Utah’s tax code. The bill, which was passed largely along party lines, failed to secure the two-thirds majority support it would need to be referendum proof.

Gov. Gary Herbert; In his October monthly conference, Gov. Herbert had focused on the state's need of an "equitable" tax reform.
Kat Webb / UPR

During Gov. Gary Herbert’s monthly press conference, he announced his signature of the tax reform bill passed last week by the state legislature in a special session. He also addressed some of the concerns that have been voiced in relation to the changes. 

The Utah State Capitol at night.
Matilyn Mortensen

After almost a year of discussion, Utah lawmakers passed a tax reform bill Thursday evening largely along party lines. 

Salt Lake Tribune

Lawmakers tackle tax reform in a special legislative session. Despite bed availability, some homeless men in Salt Lake City say the new Men's Resource Center is too far away. And Sen. Mitt Romney objects to a big jump in fees for obtaining genealogical records from the federal government.

Salt Lake Tribune

A massive tax reform proposal by state lawmakers draws fire from teachers and poverty advocates. State and local leaders say they’ll consider keeping the downtown homeless shelter open through the winter to address a long-predicted shortfall in beds. And poll monitors in San Juan County report irregularities in the early voting process, including potential electioneering.

Utah Senate

The Utah Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force completed its eight-part public listening tour around the state Tuesday night in Utah County.  From Brigham City to St. George, hundreds of Utahns voiced their opinions over the last five weeks on potential tax reform in the state.

Utah House of Representatives

The Utah State Legislature Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force began the first step of a massive tax restructuring process with a town hall in Brigham City on Tuesday.

The Trump administration's tax proposals would not benefit all taxpayers or states equally, according to new analysis from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

How Trump's Tax Plan Will Affect Utah

May 2, 2017

After the White House’s release of a one page, bullet point outline of a tax plan, experts are still analyzing what impact the proposed changes could have. The new tax plan aims to provide tax breaks to the middle class, build business and close loopholes.