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St. George Anti-Mask Rally Sparks Student Responses

19 hours ago
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After video of an anti-mask rally in St. George went viral, students at Dixie State University spoke out about the campus mask mandate.

Black American family, smiling together; Black households tend to fare worse economically despite overall prosperity in Utah
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One Utah team is trying to make it easier for parents to help their kids cope with the stresses of the pandemic.

Image of coronavirus
US Department of State

Utah County currently has the highest number of COVID cases in the state-despite making up only 20% of the population.

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Utahns are pretty familiar with how vehicle emissions can impact air quality and the climate. But what about household emissions?   

Coronavirus Restrictions Increase Around The State

Sep 23, 2020

Coronavirus restrictions have been loosening throughout Utah over the last few months but at the Governor's press conference on Tuesday, parts of Utah will be brought back into stricter restrictions. 

Reflecting On The Utah State Fair During The Pandemic

Sep 23, 2020

Many fairs across the country were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in Utah the state fair continued. Ashely Moyes, who has been going to the state fair since she was a kid, attened this year and said she loves sharing the experence with her kids. 

Utah Public Radio’s Kerry Bringhurst spoke with Utah State University President Noelle Cockett Monday about an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases on the USU campus. Cockett says wastewater analysis shows evidence of COVID-19 among students at the Living Learning Center (LLC) on the main Logan campus. 

Chinese restaurants across the nation have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Some restaurants have faced harsh discrimination from consumers who are wrongfully wary that Chinese food is more likely to spread the coronavirus. 

Fishing In Utah Increases During Pandemic

Sep 21, 2020
a hand holding a grey and green speckled Utah trout.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been looking for socially distanced activities, which often means getting outdoors and one popular activity has been fishing. 

At 911 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Utah saw it’s largest single-day increase in coronavirus numbers today. A new outbreak of the virus in Utah county among 15-24-year-olds was also reported to now be spreading among all age categories. 

I'm Kerry Bringhurst. You're listening to Utah Public Radio and joining me is Noelle Cockett, President of Utah State University. 

Students Weigh In On DSU Name Change Conversation

Sep 11, 2020

The name-change controversy at Dixie State University erupted again this year after the Black Lives Matter protests began. Many current students, including Siara Roberts, Elizabeth McQuarrie and Ivan Garcia, favor a change.

Ken Lund


The Bureau of Land Management issued its new travel management plan for the San Rafael desert, and environmentalists are not happy.


Large gatherings and events have been increasing in Cache Valley over the past month, and with that comes the concern of increased coronavirus cases.

COVID-19 Program Funds Meals for Idaho Kids

Sep 10, 2020
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After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, many Idaho students were left without their regular school meals. Now, a program approved by Congress is providing about $300 to families to make up for those meals they missed.

Something Smells: ID Wastewater Treatment Violations Widespread

Sep 8, 2020
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Wastewater facilities in Idaho are flush with pollution violations.

Exploring Declining Monarch Butterfly Habitat In Eastern Utah

Sep 8, 2020

To better understand monarch declines, Utah Department of Wildlife Resources biologists have been conducting monarch surveys in Uintah county to look for monarch adults, caterpillars, and eggs.

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Domestic violence crisis calls are up over 110% in Cache Valley. A professional from CAPSA said abusers are using isolation to their advantage during the pandemic.   



Women make up 42% of government leaders in Utah counties, according to a new study from the Utah Women and Leadership Project

Dixie State

Dixie State is no stranger to conversations about re-branding the university. Now, amidst the intense national conversation about racial injustice, university spokesperson Jordon Sharp said campus officials are considering a permanent name change.

What's It Like Being Quarantined On Campus?

Sep 2, 2020


Students at four residence halls on the campus of Utah State University are quarantined in their dorms. Here is a look at what it is like for two freshman students.

Student Voter Registration Drive in ID Moves Online

Sep 1, 2020
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Classrooms won't look the same this fall, and neither will efforts to register Idaho students to vote.

Before fall semester at Utah State University began on Monday, students in four on-campus housing residence halls were quarantined due to increased levels of SARS-CoV-2 in the wastewater. This testing is part of the university's plan to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Potential for New Nuclear Testing Brings Up Old Harms to Idahoans

Sep 1, 2020
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Restarting discussion about nuclear-weapons testing is on the table in Washington, D.C., even as Idaho still is waiting for recognition of the harms from testing in the 20th century.


Increased levels of SARS-CoV-2 have been detected in the waste water of four Utah State Universityresident halls—Rich, Jones Morgan and Davis. All 287 students who live in these halls will bequarantined while COVID-19 test are administered on Sunday and Monday.

Middle school students playing music.


Schools across the state have been opening over the past two weeks, with many modifications intended to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Here is a look at some of the adaptations made to music classes at Mount Logan Middle School. 

Report: Mining Shouldn't Come At Expense of Special Outdoor Places

Aug 27, 2020
Zachary Collier/Flickr

The rugged wilderness of central Idaho is home to natural wonders, including the start of one of the longest salmon runs in the world. There's also a history of mining for critical minerals such as cobalt, which powers everything from wind turbines to smartphones.

This Place Will Burn: Map Shows More Large Fires For U.S.

Aug 26, 2020

 A new project is showing the West how much it will heat up as temperatures continue to rise.

National Women's Party


“With everything going on in today's political world and in the world in general with our pandemic, what would she think? What would she tell me to do? What kind of actions would she be taking and what kind of actions should I be taking and am I taking? I need to carry on her legacy. It's almost like, I don't want her to haunt me.”  


Students are beginning to return to college campuses across the state. At Utah State University administrators are balancing plans for both student safety and social life.