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Being stuck at home all day has led many people to feel they should get more done-- get their side hustle going, learn to play the piano, get in shape. Social media may fuel or heighten this pressure as people see others post their goals online as part of a trend that is sometimes called "quarantine glow-up."

To help Utahns who fall into the high-risk category for contracting diseases associated with the coronavirus—or those who care for high-risk individuals — Dr. Angela Dunn, the state epidemiologist, introduced a hotline to offer assistance. The hotline has been put into place to help people get meals, groceries, and medications dropped off at the houses of high-risk individuals. 

Utah Coronavirus Update, May 11th

May 11, 2020

As of 1 P.M. on Monday, the Utah Department of Health announced the total coronavirus cases was 6,362.  This is an increase of 111 cases from Sunday. Of the 6,362 cases, an estimated 3,181 people have recovered, and 517 hospitalizations have occurred. The death toll in Utah has increased by one from yesterday — bringing Utah’s total to 68.  


AARP is working to provide resources to Utahns over 50 who are unemployed. The state currently has a 10% unemployment rate.



On Thursday, Utah Farm Bureau Federation announced it was launching its Farmers Feeding Utah program to help both farmers and people in financial need throughout the community. Through this program, people in the community can donate money to buy food from farmers and distribute it to families in need.

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Social distancing guidelines have made accessing healthcare challenging and in some cases impossible for people who have a disability or a chronic illness. And even when people could in theory access that care, the risks of infection leaving home creates may make them reluctant to venture out. One of these people struggling to access care is Lou McKee of Salt Lake City. 

Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) sent 50 caregivers to New York hospitals to help fight the coronavirus, COVID-19.
Intermountain Healthcare

A crisis response team of 50 Intermountain Healthcare workers was sent to New York to help some of the hardest-hit hospitals in the United States handle the coronavirus in April. They've returned from their two-week experience with hospitals overrun with the virus with a newfound respect for the virus and humanity's resilience.

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Now that Utah is operating under the moderate risk category of coronavirus mitigation efforts, elective dental and medical procedures can be scheduled again.  

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All around the country, county fairs are being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that won’t stop 4-Hers from continuing to learn and compete. While some counties have already cancelled their fairs, efforts are still being made to still hold livestock shows.

Utah Coronavirus Update, Thursday, May 7

May 7, 2020

The Utah Department of Health announced 129 new cases of the coronavirus in the state as of 1 p.m. on Thursday. Of the 5,724 total confirmed cases, 2,640 have recovered and 476 have been hospitalized due to the virus. According to state epidemiologist Angela Dunn, there are currently 96 Utahns with the coronavirus who are hospitalized. Along with the 13 new hospitalizations, an additional three deaths were announced — bringing Utah’s total to 61.




 In March, Census field operations were delayed to protect workers. This week, field operations have resumed in some parts of the country, including Salt Lake City and Orem. 

Can Parts Of Utah Move To 'Yellow' This Week?

May 6, 2020

Last week, Gov. Gary Herbert said he hoped the state’s risk could drop from "Orange" — moderate risk — to the  "Yellow" — or low risk —  zone within the next few weeks. In fact, mayors and county commissioners in Southwestern Utah (including in Washington, Iron and Kane counties) asked if they could make the transition immediately. This request was denied by the Utah Department of Health on Monday. 

Utah Gov. Gary  Herbert has launched a  program to support small businesses in the transition to “moderate risk” COVID-19 protocols.  The “PPE Push Pack”  program is a public and private partnership. A one-week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) is being offered to sole proprietors and businesses with fewer than 50 employees. 

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Logan City officials have decided not to open their outdoor swim facility this summer. Director of Parks & Recreation, Russ Akina, says restrictions on the number of swimmers allowed at the pool because of coronavirus makes it possible for the city to justify the closure to improve the aquatic center.

Cache Valley Hospital is scheduling postponed surgeries after Utah Governor Gary Herbert rescinded the order to suspend elective surgery because of COVID-19.

SARS-COV2 coronavirus antibody serology testing increasing at Intermountain Healthcare, but only if recommended by physician.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

There is evidence the first known coronavirus-related death in the United States occurred on Feb. 5. What does this mean for individuals, like Kelly Bradbury, who were sick at that time but unable to get tested? 

Virtual Thesis Defenses During Coronavirus Restrictions

May 6, 2020
Johan Jönsson (Julie)

Due to coronavirus restrictions, many graduate students are defending their work virtually this year, including those at Utah State University. 

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Andy Atkinson

On its third anniversary, Andy Atkinson’s Locked In Escape Room in Logan was able to reopen after coronavirus-related shutdowns. Though Gov. Gary Herbert’s announcement that Utah was moving to the ‘moderate’ risk category meant Atkinson could choose to reopen his business, it didn’t make the decision any easier. 

Six new coronavirus related deaths were reported on Tuesday. As of 1 p.m., there are 5,499 newly confirmed cases of the virus and 15 new hospitalizations. In total, 126,715 people have been tested for the virus in Utah. 

Hotels and motels in northern Utah began expanding services last week and for the first time since the middle of March, guests are being allowed access to swimming pools.

 Lease sales for oil and gas development in Utah are scheduled for June
Mason Cummings

Utah environmental groups are asking federal agencies to delay decisions about oil and gas leasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Federal land management officials are being asked to wait until the public can comment on proposed projects in Grand and San Juan Counties.

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Social distancing means the Cache Employment and Training Center has to be creative in the ways they serve their clients.  

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With schools being closed for the rest of the year, some students are taking that extra time to give back to the community. 4-H members throughout the state have taken this opportunity to help local hospitals by printing face shield and mask connectors. 

Utah Oil and Gas Regulators Fail to Issue Fines to Polluters

May 4, 2020
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Regulatory agencies in most western states have improved their oversight of the oil and gas industry in recent years. A recent analysis, however, shows that one state -- Utah -- stands out as the worst over the past two decades at dealing with violations.