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U.S. Census workers will start in-person visits to households that have not yet responded to the 2020 census. The first phase begins in six locations across the country. They include cities in Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington.

Utah Workers Need More Education For Post-Pandemic Economy

Jul 14, 2020

As the nation struggles to recover from the economic downturn amid the coronavirus pandemic, workforce experts are calling on Utah and other states to ramp up efforts to ensure that more workers have post-high school education and certificates. 

COVID-19 Infection Still A Risk In 'Green' Phase Areas

Jul 14, 2020
Map of Utah with counties in yellow and green

COVID-19 cases are increasing in Utah, but there are still pockets in the state where cases numbers are lower than the average. In mid-June the Governor allowed these rural areas to go into the “green” phase of economic reopening. The “green” phase allows businesses to reopen and residents to gather in larger numbers but with suggested health guidelines such as social distancing of six feet and wearing a mask.

Gravel Pit Or Pasture? That Is The Question In Smithfield Canyon

Jul 14, 2020

Residents in Smithfield came out against a proposed gravel pit excavation at the Cache County Planning Commission meeting on Thursday.

The Show Must Go On: Cache County Fair & Rodeo To Proceed Close To Normal

Jul 14, 2020

One week ago, That Famous Preston Rodeo was canceled. But as of Monday, the Cache County Fair and Rodeo is scheduled “to go forward as we have the last three years,” despite Utah’s uptick in COVID-19 cases, according to Lane Parker, the fair’s manager.

Nibley Elementary Principal Battling COVID-19 As District Prepares For Fall Classes

Jul 14, 2020


As the Cache County School District gears up for reopening, Nibley Elementary’s principal is recovering after being hospitalized with COVID-19.


Mindy Vincent wearing her original penis mask
Mindy Vincent


Mindy Vincent was looking online to buy some face masks for herself and her staff back in April. She saw a mask with tiny penises all over it -  she was sold. 

sign with red arrow pointing to the right and the words "Voting"
justgrimes / flickr

On Tuesday night, Utah’s Democratic Party is launching a voter registration drive to increase the number of registered voters in the state. Utah was once a state with high voter turnout, but that legacy is not holding up to today’s numbers.


Recently re-ignited conversations about race relations in the United States have brought new attention to efforts to eliminate Native American mascots. In Utah, pressure has been put on the Davis School District over the Bountiful High mascot “The Braves.” 

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum Of Art


A new art exhibit at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art focuses on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the community.

Protesters broke windows, painted public property, and chanted into the night on Thursday in Salt Lake City after District Attorney Sim Gill announced Utah police officers were legally justified in firing more than 30 times and killing an armed man as he ran away. Prints of hands painted in red covered concrete walls at the DA office following the announcement.



USU will distribute nearly nine-million dollars in emergency stimulus money for students affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

A woman and a man in a black and white picture.
Natalia Lopez

The Mendez v. Westminster case is not well known in U.S. history, but it laid the framework to ending legal school segregation in the United States. Northern Utah student Natalia Lopez recently made a documentary on the legal case to highlight its importance, “Mendez V. Westminster: Breaking Barriers.”


In the past, the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, has allowed farmers and ranchers to choose what identification method they prefer to use to mark their cattle. Recently the USDA issued a formal notice requiring the use of Radio Frequency Identification -- or RFID.

Kyler Roper ,24, has experienced COVID-19 symptoms for over 3 months now.
Kyler Roper


In early March, Kyler Roper, 24, had all the tell-tale signs of COVID-19 -- fever, dry cough and night sweats.  But, nearly three months later he’s still struggling with a severe shortness of breath. 

Idaho's New Distracted Driving Law: How Effective Are These Measures?

Jul 8, 2020
Man looking at phone while driving
chuchi25 / Adobe Stock

As of this month, Idaho is now enforcing its new distracted driving law.

Despite tougher measures across the U.S., researchers said there's still a lot they don't know about reducing cell phone use behind the wheel.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and his running mate state Sen. Deidre Henderson
Cox for Governor Campaign



Outside the State House on Tuesday afternoon, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox characterized his campaign as that of an underdog. 


“When we started this journey over a year ago, we certainly received some criticism from the experts. They told us we started too early. They told us we couldn’t win with a novice 25-year old campaign manager,” said Cox. 

Malouf To Transition Local Warehouses To California

Jul 8, 2020

Local mattress and bedding company Malouf last month announced plans to close its local warehouses.

As COVID-19 Rent Protections End, Some Utahns May Be Facing Evictions

Jul 7, 2020
tab62/Adobe Stock

The COVID-19 crisis has led to thousands of Utahns losing their jobs or having their hours cut, but most have been able to stay in their homes, thanks to an eviction moratorium and assistance programs put in place by the state. 

Carlos Jared / Butantan Institute

Hikers in the mountainous west are often wary of snakes, knowing some are venomous, many of us may be less concerned about our amphibious friends, like frogs, toads and salamanders. While in tropical regions, there are poisonous amphibians, but a venomous amphibian – that’s something new.

BRHD Reports 13 New COVID-19 Cases Monday

Jul 7, 2020

Bear River Health Department reported 13 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday as the seven-day rolling average of case confirmations continues to decrease.

USU Football Player Suspended For ‘Inappropriate Racial Comments’

Jul 7, 2020

The Utah State football program has suspended a player while the university investigates “inappropriate racial comments” he allegedly made this past weekend.

While there are still more votes to be counted from Utah's primary election, shortly after 4 p.m. on Monday the Associated Press called Utah's Republican gubernatorial race in favor of Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and his running mate Deidre Henderson.

Judge Keeps ID Tax Initiative Alive; State Attempts to Block Ruling

Jul 6, 2020
Henryk Sadura / Adobe Stock

Supporters of an initiative to tax corporations and wealthy Idahoans in order to fund education will begin to collect signatures again next week.

Wildfire burning on dry landscape
Timothy Chacon / U.S. Air Force

Utah’s wildfire season is just beginning and already, it’s intense. Recently, over 3,000 Saratoga Springs homes were evacuated because of the Knolls Fire, and one family learned the hard way about the importance of evacuation plans.