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There’s an eerie stillness inside a wildfire burn scar. The ground, once lush with life, is a gray mat of ashy soil. There are no leaves or needles to rustle in the breeze. The trees are little more than blackened toothpicks, reduced to their skeletons. 

Utah health officials confirmed 1,786 new COVID-19 cases and 15 additional deaths Wednesday. There are currently 471 Utahns hospitalized with the virus.

Utahns are beginning to struggle in obtaining prescription medications as prices continue to rise across the country.

A man was arrested in Clinton, Utah on Monday after police say he lit a woman on fire using a road flare. The man was later found hiding with a cooler filled with drugs.


El Centro de la Familia es una organización que ofrece servicios de terapia, talleres, clases y servicios educativos con el objetivo de fortalecer los lazos familiares y la protección infantil en Cache Valley. 


The Family Place is an organization that offers therapy services, workshops, classes and educational services with the aim of strengthening family bonds and protection of children in Cache Valley. 

How Producers Are Dealing With Hay Shortages In Utah

Sep 29, 2021
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Utah’s hay shortage and demand is causing a unique struggle for animal owners this year as the state continues to experience more climate and market extremes. 

Living With Utah's Wildlife Responsibly

Sep 23, 2021

As Utah continues to grow, humans and wildlife will compete more and more for space and the number of interactions between humans and wildlife will increase. With outdoor recreation also becoming more popular, more citizens are concerned about how to be safe in areas shared by humans and wildlife.

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President Joe Biden's $150 billion clean-energy plan aims to rid almost half the power grid of carbon-based fuels by 2035, but conservation groups say his proposal will likely see resistance from Utah and other energy-producing states.


This week, United Stated Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced the USDA is investing $464 million in renewable energy infrastructure projects across the country. Some of these investments is going towards three Utah businesses. 

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 Since the end of the federal eviction moratorium in August, renters in Utah who are behind on their payments may be forced to juggle competing priorities in dealing with their landlord.

Visit The USA

Utah is a unique place. That is the message Governor Spencer Cox focused on when visiting the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce on Monday. 

Bats Beware: Avoiding Rabies From Bats

Aug 13, 2021

In 2020, a colony of bats made an unscheduled appearance at an NBA basketball game.  Bats descended from the rafters of Dallas Mavericks stadium and flittered above and among an unsuspecting crowd and players. Officials suspended game and tried to net and remove the animals. 

Nearly 1-in-4 Utahns is a racial or ethnic minority according to the 2020 census data released on Thursday. The data reveals that about 74% of Utah’s population is Caucasian, compared to 80% from the 2010 data. Utah’s score on the diversity index rose from nearly 33% in 2010 to about 41% in a decade—an indication that the population is becoming less homogenous. 


Campfires are an iconic part of summer camping, but with fire restrictions still in place throughout Utah, they may not be the best addition to your next outing.


Every ten years, states across the country go through a redistricting process where district maps are redrawn to represent the population of a particular area. As states begin to get ready to start the process, representatives from all over the country gathered in Salt Lake last week for one final conference. 

Utah Farm Bureau Federation

The drought and the pandemic have created challenges for farmers and small businesses across the state. Farmers Feeding Utah Miracle projects are one way the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation has been helping farmers, and now the foundation is working on more options to connect the community to local products. 

Salt Lake County and City Officials announced on Monday that the pond at Sugar House Park will be drained early due to low water levels. Water feeds to the pond through Parley’s Creek, which is currently dry and causing the low water levels in the pond.

While watering lawns less can be done to conserve water during a drought, using less water isn’t always possible in agricultural operations. As water availability dwindles, some farmers are noticing decreases in their agricultural outputs.

Where To Use SNAP Benefits

Jul 12, 2021

Making healthy choices with our food can be expensive sometimes, but there are programs out there to make it just a little easier. Joining me today is LaCee Jimenez with USU Extension’s Create Better Health Program to talk about how SNAP education programs can help people.


Although Utah’s drought makes water a precious resource across the state, water availability varies from city to city, even within the same county.  In Cache County, Hyde Park’s water levels were so low earlier this month that the Mayor Charles Wheeler sent a warning to residents. He pleaded with citizens to reduce residential water use after one of the city's water taks reported low water levels.

Days after celebrating a vaccination milestone, Gov. Spencer Cox announced that the state made a mistake when they announced that Utah had hit the 70% goal for adult vaccinations.

Paul Hermans

Communities across the United States experienced civil unrest last summer in response to multiple incidents of police brutality towards people of color.

Four Congressional, fifteen School Board, twenty-nine senate, and seventy-five House—these are the districts that need to be redrawn this year during the October legislative special session for redistricting.  But because of COVID, the process that would normally start in May needs to wait until September. 

Just as humans must learn to adapt to changes in water availability during a drought, so must wildlife. Less water means less available habitat for wildlife, and since Utah is home to a sizable number of wildlife species, prolonged drought can create a perfect storm for human-wildlife conflict at the urban-wildland interface.

According to a report from Deseret News, a recent Instagram post from Global Map Posts suggests Utah might be one of the youngest states in the country and one of the youngest places in the Western world.

Group Rallies To Counter Messages Aimed At UT Transgender Students

Jun 1, 2021
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As the issues surrounding transgender and LGBTQ students become increasingly politicized in Utah, one group is providing support for those who identify differently from their peers.

Utah Farm Bureau

Over the past year Farmers Feeding Utah has raised around 2.5 million dollars to buy food to donate to the community. The project was started by the Utah Farm Bureau at the beginning of the pandemic to support both farmers in the state and Utahns in need of food. UPR's Kailey Foster took some time to speak with Ron Gibson, the president of the bureau, to discuss the projects first year.

Thanks to a resolution passed by the Utah PTA earlier this month, migraine and headache disease education will become standard across the state. The resolution included four points. 

Being Efficient While Watering Your Lawn

May 21, 2021

Here are a few tips for you on how to irrigate your lawn more efficiently.