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Researchers in Utah have identified a rare genetic disorder in a newborn for the first time through routine newborn screening.

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The state of Utah is launching a new contact tracing system this week and hopes to begin vaccinating health care workers next week.


The COVID-19 vaccination may be available to healthcare workers as early as December.

Utah Coronavirus Update, Thursday, May 21

May 21, 2020

On Thursday, May 21, the Utah Department of Health announced the number of positive coronavirus cases in Utah has increased by 164 cases since Wednesday, bringing the new total to 7,874. Of the 7,874 cases, there have been 647 hospitalizations. Two people died in this time, bringing the total deaths due to COVID-19 to 92. One of these deaths occurred in a long- term care facility, making 40 resident deaths due to the coronavirus.

Can Parts Of Utah Move To 'Yellow' This Week?

May 6, 2020

Last week, Gov. Gary Herbert said he hoped the state’s risk could drop from "Orange" — moderate risk — to the  "Yellow" — or low risk —  zone within the next few weeks. In fact, mayors and county commissioners in Southwestern Utah (including in Washington, Iron and Kane counties) asked if they could make the transition immediately. This request was denied by the Utah Department of Health on Monday. 

Developing A SARS_CoV_2 Vaccine, Part 1

Apr 22, 2020

Medical experts call for testing and containment as states slowly open for business. But the long-term defense  against a viral pandemic requires the development of a preventive vaccine.

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In March, Utah residents who want to use medical cannabis can register to receive a medical cannabis card, which will allow them to purchase and possess marijuana in the state. In preparation for this, the Utah Department of Health is encouraging interested physicians to pre-register for the certification required to recommend the drug.

Some of Utah’s largest employers are choosing to provide workplace screenings to encourage and support women's health. Utah health directors are networking with school districts, universities, private companies and small business owners to provide screening to help save lives and money.

An e-cigarette user vaping.
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It’s been presented as a safe alternative to smoking, but health officials in Utah are reporting that vaping is possibly linked to five serious hospitalizations across the state. In a press release last week, the Utah Department of Health said all five patients reported shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue and chest pain, which progressively worsened. The department said it’s unclear whether the patients will suffer long-term health effects. 

Different LGBTQ identities.

A new Utah Department of Health survey has found that lesbian, gay and bisexual Utah residents are more frequently victims of sexual violence than heterosexual people.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that 10,000 Utah adults took the survey in 2016, answering questions such as whether they had ever been raped or if someone had ever attempted to rape them.

Use Of Opioids Is A Growing Trend Among Young Teens

Aug 17, 2017

A new study found the death rate from drug overdoses among older U.S. teens has jumped 19 percent in one year and health officials are seeing a growing trend for opioid addiction in this age group.

STD Risks Growing Among Young Utah Adults

Aug 16, 2017

According to public health officials, Gonorrhea rates are increasing among young, sexually active Utahns.

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The second leading cause of hearing loss in the United States comes from congenital cytomegalovirus, or CMV. It is also the most common congenital infection among infants, affecting about 1 in 150 children in the United States each year. Infants who contract the infection before birth can suffer from hearing loss and potential damage in the brain, eyes or inner ear.