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During the last week of the school year, masks will no longer be required for students in Utah’s K-12 schools. 

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During his monthly press conference on Thursday, Gov. Gary Herbert responded to increased case COVID-19 counts in the state addressed the spread of the virus among student populations.


It’s almost back to school time and with the pandemic, people have lots of safety concerns.



As Utah school districts continue to make plans about holding school during the pandemic, teachers are preparing to implement safety precautions.



In a Thursday press conference, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert re-emphasised the importance of the role mask wearing will play as Utah school’s reopen.

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While schools adapt this year’s graduation ceremonies due to public health concerns, students, parents and teachers are adjusting to ceremonies they did not have in mind. Some Utahns have petitioned for traditional ceremonies, and some have organized creative graduation alternatives. 

Gov. Gary Herbert said to continue slowing the spread of COVID-19, the soft closure of Utah’s schools will continue through the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. He made the announcement today, in the daily press conference to update the public about the coronavirus in Utah, where he said it’s essential students’ learning continues. The governor added distance learning efforts enacted by many of Utah’s schools have been difficult, but he said he appreciates the way families and teachers have adapted. 

National Endowment for the Arts survey reported Utah highest in nation for adults personally creating or performing art.
National Endowment for the Arts

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, Utah is the number one state for art participation and number two for attending live performances. But with the tax modernization reform bill repealed, officials say Utah’s general fund budget — where art funding comes from — is stretched thin. So why should funds go toward the arts and humanities? 

Better Days 2020 is a Utah organization that created a curriculum about Utah women's path to suffrage.
Better Days 2020

In 1920, the 19th Amendment extended voting rights to women. As the 100th anniversary of the amendment approaches, one organization is creating classroom resources to help Utah students learn more about the role the state played in this historic event.

Children psychologists will be placed in all Jordan School District elementary schools.

A Utah school district is planning to have a full-time psychologist in each of its 36 elementary schools.

The Jordan School District board approved a mental health initiative last month as part of a $710 million budget, which includes more staff and training for students at all of its schools, including 10 middle schools and eight high schools and technical schools.

History Of Women's Suffrage Highlighted In New Curriculum

Jun 14, 2018
Better Days 2020 is a Utah organization that created a curriculum about Utah women's path to suffrage.
Better Days 2020

Workshops this week are preparing 30 of Utah’s elementary and middle school teachers to teach their students a new curriculum about the history of women’s rights in the state. The curriculum focuses on women’s suffrage in Utah.

Westside Elementary School, Utah

With a July 1 deadline looming and $123 million at stake, school officials in Utah will ask the federal government for a one-year reprieve from a requirement that 95 percent of students participate in statewide testing.

The Utah State Board of Education on Thursday authorized state schools chief Sydnee Dickson to seek an exemption while the state tries to increase test participation rates that officials say now average 94 percent.

The lawmaker who sponsored the launch of charter schools in Utah says alternative schools have fallen short of a mission to improve education through innovation and competition.

Republican state Sen. Howard Stephenson of Draper said he's looking for a fresh start for charter schools, as their average performance on tests is no better than school district counterparts.

 At Woodruff Elementary School, more than 60 families require a Spanish translator at parent-teacher conferences.
Katherine Taylor

At Woodruff Elementary School, more than 60 families require a Spanish translator at parent-teacher conferences. A parent liaison used to do all of them until she discovered a translation club at Utah State University. Three years ago, she partnered with Aggie Translators, which provides the elementary school and other local schools with dozens of free translators. 


The Utah Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Wildlife Resources renewed their Hunter Access Agreement with the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. The contract keeps 3.4 million acres of Utah trust lands open to hunters and anglers as well as those interested in viewing wildlife.


Five of Utah's 10 largest colleges are under federal investigation into the handling of various sexual misconduct claims.

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The efforts of Operation Rio Grande result in the arrests of 87 people within the homeless community on its first day in action, but the ACLU of Utah calls the strategy "business as usual." Provo Mayor John Curtis clinches the Republican nomination in Utah's Third Congressional District, but Chris Herrod, the runner up, refuses to concede. And elevated levels of lead in some Utah schools' drinking water has prompted a request for tests of the metal in public schools statewide.

American Indian students are disciplined in Utah schools more than any other demographic, a recent report shows. Details about former Utah Transit Authority board member Terry Diehl's bankruptcy case surface, prompting more questions about his relationship with Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes. And Pres. Donald Trump's proposed budget would affect Utahns in need and those in rural areas of the state.



 A school district in southeastern Utah is in the middle of a test program to see if offering salaries of up to $80,000 can persuade teachers to stay at an elementary school near the Utah-Colorado border.

Teacher turnover is a major problem at Montezuma Creek Elementary School due to unusual working conditions.