Utah Wildfires

Wildfire burning on dry landscape
Timothy Chacon / U.S. Air Force

Utah’s wildfire season is just beginning and already, it’s intense. Recently, over 3,000 Saratoga Springs homes were evacuated because of the Knolls Fire, and one family learned the hard way about the importance of evacuation plans. 

Wildfire on mountain landscape
Scott Liebenson

Firefighters are continuing to contain the multiple wildfires raging in Utah. While much of these fires are now at least semi contained, the fires burned through utility poles causing power outages for many Utahns. 

Ileen Kennedy / Utah National Guard

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) recently received $9.6 million for its Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWPP) to help Utah County restore watersheds affected by the Pole Canyon and Bald Mountain fires.

Nevada wildfire burns sage grouse.

Authorities say a northeast Nevada wildfire that trapped eight hikers and a sheriff's deputy in the Ruby Mountains near Elko before they were escorted to safety started near a shooting range.

Forest Service spokeswoman Erica Hupp said Monday no residential homes have been destroyed but some structures have been lost.

Noah Berger/AP

Wildfires burning throughout the west are forcing homeowners, community leaders and wildfire experts to consider how these blazes are destroying not only personal property, but larger landscapes as well.  To help communities rethink current wildfire management strategies, a presentation entitled “Era of Megafires” is touring Utah this week.