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UPR Art Mug Contest

The 2023 contest is here.

To all of the many creative and artistic UPR listeners, we want YOU to participate in the Annual UPR Art Mug Contest!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of UPR’s nature program, Wild About Utah, and we will be celebrating by making it this year’s contest theme.

Please submit a design that commemorates the Wild About Utah 15th Anniversary by sending in a submission that celebrates the program or the beautiful wild Utah we all live in. Send your submission to for a chance to have your design printed on the 2023 mug.

Submissions are due Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Then, check back so you can vote on your favorite designs. The top design will be printed on the 2023 mug, which will be available during our Spring Member Drive in March.

About the Competition

Wild About Utah is a weekly nature series produced by Utah Public Radio that discusses topics ranging from native plants and birds, dark skies, bees, bears, fireflies, permaculture design and so much more.

Wild About Utah looks closely at this beautiful state, which is endowed with many natural wonders from red rock formations to salt flats. And from desert wetlands to columns of mountains forming the basin and range region.

As we celebrate 15 years of this program, your design should be an interpretation or appreciation of Wild About Utah, or one of the many topics it has discussed during the last decade and a half.

All styles of artwork from cartoon to watercolor to photography and beyond are welcome.

We would love to see you incorporate the year (2023), UPR, Utah Public Radio, Wild About Utah or other relevant text into your design. You can even incorporate our logo (see below)!

The UPR logo.

Design Specifications

We will work to accommodate and crop designs of a variety of sizes, however, the ideal design conforms to the following specifications:

The printing space is 8 and 3/4 inches wide by 3 and 7/8 inches high. The image should be in full color and able to wrap around an 11 oz. white ceramic coffee mug almost from handle to handle.

A picture of the measurements and specs designers can use for the 2022 UPR art mug.

For questions and to submit your design, email

Past Designs

2013 winning mug design by Lucy Watkins.

The art for the 2013 UPR art mug. Mountains sit against a cloudy sky. Text reads, "Utah Public Radio: Celebrating 60 Years."

2014 winning mug design by Sandy Bell.

The art for the 2014 mug. Text reads, "Music, News, UPR, Inspiration. 2014 Utah Public Radio: A service of Utah State University." Featured on the mug are a cactus, a woman, a bug, and more.

2015 winning mug design by Kate Anderson.

The art for the 2015 mug. Snowy mountains sit below clouds in the sky. Text reads, "Utah Public Radio 2015: A service of Utah State University."

2017 winning mug design by Patricia Priebe-Swanson.

The art for the 2017 mug, featuring red rock and mountains with pine trees.

2018 winning mug design by Stephen Bevan.

The art for the 2018 mug, featuring a view of mountains through a car's windshield. Text on a road sign reads, "UPR: 65 Years."

2019 winning mug design by Sandy Bell.

The art for the 2019 mug, featuring words and images representing Utah, including Sundance, birds, bats, mountains and more.

2020 winning mug design by Madeleine Alder.

The art for the 2020 mug. People stand holding crayons, pencils, paintbrushes and more, painting the UPR logo on a wall.
Katie Swain

2021 winning mug design by Carol Bold.

The art for the 2021 mug, featuring red rock and sagebrush. Text reads, "Utah Public Radio 2021."

2022 winning mug design by Teresa Jordan.

Teresa Jordan's winning art mug design, featuring two hummingbirds on a red background.
Teresa Jordan