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Utah News

UPR Newsline with Dave Greiling

Kerry Bringhurst talks to the Standard-Examiner's Dave Greiling about this week's headlines.

Weber State Guard Headed for the NBA
Damian Lillard had made mention before that he was seriously considering it, but Dave Greiling reports that yesterday Lillard will "be leaving school a year early and declaring for the draft  later this spring." NBA scouts spent a lot of time at Weber State watching Lillard and he's considered a very good prospect. He's the first Weber State Wildcat to be drafted since 1985.

Larger Aircraft Might Be Coming to Ogden Airport
It has been a long term goal for the Ogden Hinckley Airport to become a destination for larger aircraft. The runway has already been expanded and money has been put aside for further infrastructure improvements.

County Sheriff's Office Might be in Violation of Constitutional Rights
The Standard Examiner reports that The ACLU conducted a survey of a number of police agencies and found that many, including Weber County Sheriff's Office, "don't use warrants to get cell phone information and criminal investigations," which is a violation of personal privacy that the ACLU considers unconstitutional.

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