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Ogden Sisters of St. Benedict's Honored for Extraordinary Service Commitment

In 1946 a handful of nuns from the Order of Saint Benedict opened a hospital and a nursing school in Ogden. For 66 years they have opened their hearts to people of Northern Utah.

The sisters opened St. Benedict's Hospital with a mission from their order's founder: "Care must be taken of the sick as though they were the body of Christ in person." For years their red brick hospital and convent stood at the top of 30th Street where the city meets the mountains. Its benevolent philosophy and tradition of service attracted many patients and its nursing students came from near and far.

Of the 135 sisters who followed their vocations to Ogden, 6 survive. Since the sale of their hospital they have formed St. Benedict's Foundation, which has given more than $4.5 million to the disadvantaged in Northern Utah. They estimate they help 8,000 a year.

The remaining sisters still do outreach through public speaking and even blood donations. One sister has donated 40 gallons of her blood. The sisters will receive the Lieutenant Governor's Lifetime Achievement Award on April 25.