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Vince Rampton to Run Alongside Democratic Candidate Peter Cooke

Vince Rampton officially filed paperwork to run for office alongside Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke. Rampton, who is the son of former Utah Governor Calvin Rampton, says as Lieutenant Governor he would focus on transparency in campaign financing, more precise requirements for lobbyists and more facilitative rules governing initiatives and referendums

He also says allowing electronic signatures to be gathered for petitions is also very important to the process: 

“For an initiative, you have to have an awful lot of signatures. And you have to go out and get each one of them on a single sheet of paper, hard copy, back in, certified...It’s almost unmanageable and prohibitively expensive. That’s a good way to make sure that the legislature is alone in its lawmaking activity that the people can’t speak.”

His running mate, gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke, says transparency is the only way to get people excited about government.

“In this state we have some huge problems. We have education, we have environmental issues and we have jobs that we have to straighten out. And we’ve got to get everybody on the team and the only way to do that is be transparent, about the problem, about the solutions.”

During this year’s legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill directing the lieutenant governor to study whether it would be feasible for the state to accept E-signatures. But that followed a bill passed in 2011 that banned their usage, following a Utah Supreme Court ruling that could have eventually forced the state to begin accepting them.